When You Go Through Deep Waters, I Will Be With You

When You Go Through Deep Waters, I Will Be With You

Good morning, Friends! Today we awoke to the news of so many more of our sweet friends, followers, and family members homes either about to flood, or having already been flooded.

We are okay here, but homes only a few roads down from us are flooded. We are praying that it does not reach us, but the water is still rising, and expected to do so for the next 12-18 hours. Our property has never flooded in the past, but with this record breaking flooding that we are currently experiencing in our area, it isn’t looking so good. Although, we are hoping the water will recede, and we will not flood. 


Please join in prayer with us not only today, but the days proceeding that all will remain safe, and that God will restore everything that has been lost due to the flood. And please remember, we are here if y’all need anything! ♡♡♡♡

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” – Isaiah 43:2

isaiah 43

For all of our local followers, here is a list of sand bag locations…..

sand bag locations

Here is a link for information and locations of shelters currently open across Louisiana: CLICK HERE

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