What’s In Your Mug… Fall Edition!

What’s In Your Mug… Fall Edition!

Happy first day of FALL, friends! In honor of this exciting occasion, I though I would do a “What’s In Your Mug” with one of my FAVORITE fall mugs! We have been having this mug for a LONG TIME, and I still LOVE drinking out of it for fall EVERY YEAR! (Yes, it has somehow escaped being broken with 4 little ones in the house…I would call that a MIRACLE in itself. HAHA!)

As I sit here on my swing this morning with my coffee, I am reflecting on ALL of the things that I am truly THANKFUL for…. no matter how LARGE or SMALL. You see, sweet friends, when we cultivate a spirit of THANKFULNESS and GRATEFULNESS, it opens the doors to so many better things to come into our lives. Things that we NEVER thought possible! 

I urge all of you to take a few minutes today, and start this season off right! Think on the things for which you are THANKFUL for. Because at the end of the day, this season is not truly about the campfires or s’mores. Even though those things are wonderful, and they do come along with the joys of the season; having a THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, and truly HAPPY HEART is the real REASON for the SEASON of fall.

And here is that last truth that I will leave you all with this morning… Having a THANKFUL and GRATEFUL heart will ALWAYS lead you down the path of CONTENTMENT and PEACE. Once you begin to realize how truly BLESSED you are, your life will begin to change for the better. We GUARANTEE IT! 

And always know, we LOVE and APPRECIATE each and every one of you! ALL of you were on our “THINGS WE ARE THANKFUL” list this morning. We pray BLESSINGS over you today, friends! <3

So, what’s in my mug this morning in CELEBRATION of FALL, you ask? I am drinking some hot New Orleans Roast Dark Coffee with International Delight Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll creamer! It is DELICIOUS, and NEVER FAILS to remind me of FALL! 

What’s in your mug this morning?


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