What A Weekend!

What A Weekend!

Hi Friends, and Happy Monday! We hope all of you had a WONDERFUL weekend! Ours was so BUSY, but so GOOD! For starters, we were able to check CAKE off of our To-Do List! We actually purchased them for $2.00 each! WHAT A STEAL! Yep, they were on the discount rack, and they were MOIST and DELICIOUS. And since we had so much, we were able to SHARE our desserts with our family and friends. So, it was truly a blessing. As we always like to say, it is a BLESSING to be a BLESSING! 


We were also able to get our bookcase completed for the Bergeron family, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! They will be sending us pictures of it soon. Since the weather was so rainy here, we were unable to take it out and get a nice picture of it. So, we are LOOKING FORWARD to seeing it set up in their home. We will be sure to share the finished pictures with all of you once they send them in.

Since the HEAT here has been such a killer, we were able to put up some INSULATION in our shop. We also went through during this process, and sealed every NOOK and CRANNY! This means that the cool air STAYS IN, and the hot air STAYS OUT! AMEN TO THAT! And not to mention, the insulation also helps to dull a bit of the sound that the power tools make. (another HUGE plus!)


While we were picking up our insulation, we also grabbed all of our materials needed for orders this coming week. So, we will not have to waste time by leaving a MILLION times throughout the week to pick up more supplies. And of course, Patrick had to pick up a few NEW TOYS while we were there (AKA tools). All of which he is thoroughly ENJOYING. 😉

drill press

We even took a little time to start a bird house project with our oldest daughter. She sees BEAUTY in everything, and loves gathering materials and making something new out of them. I so love this quality about her. She has recently been taking an active interest in building. So, we have been allowing her to help us on certain projects to help GROW this budding CREATIVITY  inside of her.

sophia bird house

And lastly, we were finally able to take our kids to their photo session at our local studio, “Flashy Cowgirl Photography”! We were supposed to take them weeks ago, but the weather called for 80 % chance of rain, so they had to cancelled and move it to a new date. The girls took PRINCESS pictures with a real live UNICORN! And the boys took CAMPING pictures with a TENT, CAMPFIRE, and SMORE’S! It was literally the CUTEST THING EVER! And we cannot wait to get our pictures in. Thanks again Brittany and Kaley for another WONDERFUL photo shoot!

So, that was it, Friends! Our weekend in a nutshell! How was yours? We would love to hear all about it! 

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