We Went Satsuma Pickin’ Today!

We Went Satsuma Pickin’ Today!

It’s FALL here in Louisiana, and that means it is time for our satsumas to start RIPENING! Ours are just starting to make this year, so we only have a few on our tree,  but our Maw Maw and Paw Paw have TONS! So, we decided to do a little SATSUMA PICKIN’ today while we were visiting with them. As y’all can see, the kiddos had a BLAST!

And let me just say, those satsumas were so SWEET and JUICY! I can’t get enough of them! Our Paw Paw does a WONDERFUL job keeping all of the trees, fruits, and veggies plants healthy and looking GREAT! It is one of his MANY gifts.

There are so many wonderful recipes for citrus fruits, but one our favorites is making homemade marmalade! YUM! What are some of your MOST FAVORITE citrus fruit recipes?

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