We Are At It Again (Part 2)

We Are At It Again (Part 2)

Here is the second part of the blog post that we initially posted Friday night. (If you are just joining us, you can read PART 1 HERE.) There was so much that had happened over the course of Thursday and Friday, and I just knew there was no way that I could do it all justice by trying to condense and cram everything into one post. So here it goes…

In this blog post, I really wanted to focus on the INCREDIBLE BLESSINGS that God sent our way over the past 2 days, as well as to go a little more in depth about how Patrick’s procedure went, how he is recovering, and the doctor’s plan for treatment from this point forward.

We began our day on Thursday morning, FRANTICALLY going over our check-list for the hospital stay, and making sure we had everything packed and ready to go. It was a busy morning to say the least, and I was so scared we would forget something important. Since the hospital is about 30-40 min from our home, I did not want to have to head back home to pick something up that I had forgotten.

My mom showed up to stay with the kids for the day, and kindly brought breakfast for the kids and I. (Poor Patrick was on a 12 hour fast before his procedure so he couldn’t eat anything) I was so thankful for the breakfast because that was one major thing I was able to mark off of my checklist before leaving the house. Plus, since I didn’t have to fix breakfast for 5 people, Patrick and I were able to take a few extra minutes to do a double check of our list before heading out. (This definitely eased our minds)

Once we arrived at the hospital, we quickly checked in and they immediately sent us to surgery to get Patrick prepped. Here we were nervously waiting to be called back….

ablation day

As we walked through the doors and turned the corner, MY HEART ALMOST JUMPED OUT OF MY CHEST! I was so happy to see one of our incredible clients, turned friend, was working in surgery that day. This was completely unexpected since she does not work very often now that she has returned to college. They just so happened to call her in the night before, and she ended up working the day of Patrick’s procedure as well. I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it was to see her SWEET FACE, and to have her be there with us for the hours leading up to his procedure. She ended up taking care of him the entire time, as well as prepping him for the procedure. She also kept me informed of how he was doing with his recovery in PACU once the procedure was over. Thanks you again, Alaina! We appreciate you more than you could imagine.

friends love

Once it was time for Patrick’s procedure, they came to get him, and told me to sit in the Radiology waiting room on the first floor. I found it odd, and it didn’t really make sense to me at the time, but that was where they told the doctor  would be looking for me… so I happily went. It ended up turning out to be an incredible blessing in disguise. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the radiology office is only open normal business hours. So they were seeing their patients while I was waiting in there. There were 2 ladies in the waiting area along with me, and one working behind the counter. And during the short time they were in there with me, I was blessed beyond words….

You see, 2 of the ladies had been battling cancer, one of which was their to have an MRI to check on things as she has been undergoing strong chemo treatments. And the 3rd lady brought her husband for an MRI as well. He has had 3 open heart surgeries and is also in the early stages of dementia. We sat and talked, shared our stories, and encouraged one another. It was like an AA meeting, but instead of sharing about our alcohol problems, we shared the truth of how we were feeling and dealing with the trauma we have all been experiencing. It wasn’t sugar coated. It was RAW emotions, and was as real as real could get.

There was HEALING that took place there in that radiology waiting room between 4 women. We had never met one another before, and may never meet each other again; but one thing that I do know for certain is God showed up that day. He knew we all needed one another. Even if it was just to know that someone else was going through tough times too. Situations that are beyond any of our control, but not out of the control of an amazing, faithful God. He is the ONLY reason we are all still here and moving forward to this day.

As each lady finished their appointments, we said our goodbyes… one by one. We promised to pray for one and another and wished each other the best. Each time, I smiled with tears in my eyes, as they walked away with tears in theirs. I know in my heart that afternoon was a meeting of divine appointments set up by the only One who knew what each of us needed that day.

divine appointments

As the last lady finished up and left, they closed up radiology until for the day. I then found myself sitting alone…. I was suddenly brought back to reality and began to worry about Patrick. He had been in surgery for hours and I had not been updated on how things were going. Thoughts and concerns began swirling around in my mind, and then I looked up to see a familiar face walking towards me.

It was one of our other sweet clients, Jill. And as she hugged me, a feeling of RELIEF washed over me like a crashing wave. She walked into the waiting room with a smoothie for me in hand. She has been such an amazing friend to me over the past several months. She initially came to us through a referral of another client, and she never left! And boy am I glad she hasn’t. She has been so encouraging throughout this short time that I have known her. And the thing that BLOWS MY MIND is the simple fact that she doesn’t have to be. She could have simply purchased her pieces from us, and moved on with her life. But she didn’t!

a friend

You see, we created a little bond during the time we were working on her pieces. She had a little health scare during that time, and we were preparing for Patrick’s upcoming angiogram. So, we were able to pray for and encourage one another throughout those times. And we rejoiced together when they both received great reports after each. We still send one another frequent texts asking how things are going and make it a point not to lose touch.

And let me just tell y’all, Jill went ABOVE and BEYOND anything I could have ever possibly asked her to do on Thursday. She picked up a smoothie for me, which I was so grateful for because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and she proceeded to sit with me for hours while Patrick was in surgery and helped to keep my mind off of the severity of the situation. She even calmly sat with me while the doctor explained in great detail how the procedure went, as well as his findings. She even came with me to grab some dinner in the cafeteria, and opened her home to me for the night if I was unable to stay at the hospital. That is a friend that I will not be letting go of! Thank you again, Jill… for everything. I simply do not know what I would have done without you that day.<3


As far as the procedure went, the doctor was very pleased with how well everything went. Once he got in there, he noticed that one portion of Patrick’s heart was a bit smaller than normal, and another portion was larger (more stretched out) than normal. He said that in some cases this could be indicative of disease, but in Patrick’s case, it could just be a result of having AFIB for such a long time. Or it could even just be how his heart has always been. Since he only began going to the cardiologist 7 months ago, we really don’t have anything to make a comparison with of how his heart was before the AFIB, compared to now.. after AFIB. But the doctor repeatedly encouraged me not to worry too much about it for now, as they will continue to monitor things from this point forward.

Other than that, the procedure went very well. They actually ended up doing an ablation on one portion (burning), and cryoblation on the other portion (freezing). For now, his AFIB and A-Flutter issues are under control. Although, there is a chance that his heart could now switch into another form of an abnormal rhythm, but his doctor said it is not very common. To keep an eye on all of this, his doctor will be inserting a small heart monitor beneath Patrick’s skin on his chest, over his heart, in 2 weeks. This will report all of his stats to his doctor’s office on a daily basis for up to 3 years. This will give us peace of mind knowing that we will be informed A.S.A.P of any changed with his heart during this time period.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I returned to the surgery waiting room where Patrick was resting in recovery. It was almost 9:00 pm before they brought him to his room, finally giving me a chance to see him. I had been ANXIOUSLY waiting to set eyes on him for 7 LONG hours. He was just coming to, and was in a lot of pain. There was not a lot I could do other than talk to him and reassure him that everything went well and I was going to be there with him. I was also a bit nervous because he was placed in a shared room with another patient for his hospital stay. Typically they make gusts leave after visiting hours, and I was praying under my breath that they wouldn’t kick me out. When the nurse returned, I quietly asked if there was a specific time I needed to leave the room. She looked over and Patrick, and then back at me, and said I could stay as long as the other patient did not complain about me being there. I was beyond RELIEVED with this news. I couldn’t imagine having to leave him under the circumstances. 

A little while later, I got Patrick to sleep, and decided to quickly run to the restroom before he awoke again. I had to walk past the other patient’s bed in order to get to the restroom, and to be honest… I was a little nervous. On the way back, I decided to introduce myself and we ended up chatting for a little while. He told me has was a pastor of a church in Bogalusa, a nearby town, and shared with me a little of what he had been going through with his father’s passing, and then his own declining health issues over the past few weeks. He then asked about Patrick, and I shared a little about why we were in there. He was so kind, and I am thankful God placed us in the room with Mr. Mark that night.  When Patrick was released from the hospital the following day, I had a chance to tell Mr. Mark that we appreciated him, and the fact that he allowed me to stay the night with Patrick. We exchanged well wishes, and will be praying for continued health and healing for one another.

thank God

Now, let’s rewind for a moment, to Thursday night in the hospital. It was ROUGH, and I was more exhausted that I could even begin to put into words. I was in a fog, and looking back on it, it all feels like a DREAM. Patrick was in and out of sleep and still in pain. And since I didn’t want to leave his side, I slept on the only thing in the room…. a hospital recliner right next to his bed. Now, don’t let the word “recliner” fool you. When I think of recliners, I think of soft, form fit  to your body, made for getting comfy and cozy, want to fall asleep in piece of furniture. Well, not this one! HAHA! It was hard, cold, and was very awkwardly angles with the footrest pulled out. I honestly think it was a Chinese torture device in its former life. But I will say that I was thankful for it, regardless of how uncomfortable it may have been.  Up until this point, Patrick had been tossing and turning for hours, and he didn’t really fall asleep until about midnight. So, no matter how uncomfortable that recliner was,  I crashed as soon as I my head hit the back.

But before we went to bed, I received this sweet little video from my cousin, Christian. She was staying the night with our kiddos, and decided to make this for us….

It melted my heart, and even though Patrick had his eyes closed, I held it up to his ear and let him listen to it. It brought a smile to both of our faces, and tears to my eyes. It also brought peace to our hearts knowing that between my mom, Maw Maw, and cousin, our babies were in wonderful hands while we were away. And that is something that we are truly GRATEFUL for.

The kids told me when we returned home that they had and ICE CREAM and POP CORN PARTY the night before, and had to follow 3 rules while we were gone…




Sounds like a plan to me! We may have to print these out and hang them on the wall in our home as 3 new rules to live by on a daily basis.

In closing, I just want to point out that we are so thankful that God has totally taken over this situation for us, as well as every one prior. There is no doubt in our minds of this. And His continual blessing, favor, and divine appointments with each person he has placed in our path over the past 2 days have been proof enough. God has supernaturally given us peace that surpasses ALL understanding, and has gotten us through each step of the process that we simply could not have gotten through if we were relying on our own understanding and abilities. Simply put, we would be a WRECK if we were doing this on our own.

God is REAL. He LOVES us. He is taking CARE of us. He wants GOOD for us. He has given us STRENGTH in times when we felt we couldn’t go on. He replaced our fears with PEACE, COURAGE, and the FAITH to MOVE MOUNTAINS! And lastly…. He knows what, and who, we NEED before we even know we need it, or in this case them. God loves each of you too, and we pray that you will also see His mighty hand at work in your lives as well. Be blessed, friends! <3

have faith in God



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