Update On Patrick

Update On Patrick

Hi friends! Here is a little UPDATE for all of you who have been asking how Patrick has been doing since his procedure:

It has been almost 2 weeks since Patrick’s Cardioversion, and he was initially feeling pretty good. Other than still feeling a bit tired and nauseous from his heart medication, he could feel a difference in his energy levels since his heart was beating correctly for the first time in a LONG TIME

Last week, he had a sudden sharp pain in his chest and immediately felt his heart flutter. We were not quite sure what it was at the time, but since there were no other pains or symptoms after that incident, he decided to wait to see his doctor until his next appointment.

That brings us to today. We saw his cardiologist, and they ran an EKG to check his heart rate. And our biggest fear was confirmed. Patrick’s heart has gone back into an irregular heart beat. At this point, he only has a few options. 2 of which come with VERY BAD side effects. (Worse than the ones that he has with his current heart medication). And one of them only has a 60% success rate for people with Atrial Fibrillation (his heart condition). His cardiologist left the decision to us, and we just feel that they are not worth the risk at this point.

So, along with the advise of his cardiologist, we have decided to have him continue on his current medications. Even though he has physically not been feeling well due to the heart medication ( he is currently on the highest dosage allowable), we know that he NEEDS to stay on it in order to help the pump function of his heart.

For the time being, we are continuing to keep our faith in God, and we fully believe that He will work everything out for our good. Thank you for the continued prayers, friends! We truly appreciate them.

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