Up-Cycled Queen Bed Into New Bench

Up-Cycled Queen Bed Into New Bench

Hi Friends! Check out our most recent UP-CYCLE! We recently had the opportunity to take an old bed that our neighbors were throwing out, and TRANSFORM it into this FABULOUS new bench…

gray bench collage 1

Our neighbors had this bed for over 20 years, and the rails would no longer hold into the headboard and foot board properly. So, instead of simply throwing it with the trash, we envisioned re-purposing it into a BRAND NEW bench! Other than the minor issue with the rails, the bed was in pretty good condition, and was solid oak which meant that it was SOLID and HEAVY!

To get an idea of how the bed looked before we started, here is a quick BEFORE and AFTER picture of our foot board…

gray bench collage 3

After we measured and cut the usable headboard, foot board, and rail pieces for our bench, WE GOT TO WORK building! For the back of our bench, we used the headboard, and we cut the foot board down to make the sides. We chose to go with an inset plank seat, and then capped off the ends with trim pieces. This gives our edging a nice finished look.

And for the finish, we used a neutral gray, and added lots of CHARACTER with distressing and aging over the entire piece. Now each edging, indention, and nook and cranny now pop and are able to be clearly distinguished. As for the seat, we chose a custom mixed RICH, brown stain which offers a nice contrast from the gray on the rest of the bench.

This piece would be PERFECT if used in a hall or entry way, porch, or covered seating area. And since it is NEUTRAL in color, it would match well with just about any color theme. And you could even dress it up with throw blankets or pillows. And for extra storage, simply slide baskets underneath! The possibilities are truly ENDLESS!

gray bench collage 2


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