Up-Cycled Bicycle Planter Box

Up-Cycled Bicycle Planter Box

Hi Friends! For anyone who has ever wondered where we get our LOVE of up-cycling from… well, look NO FURTHER! My grandparents taught us everything we know. They are old-school up-cyclers…. They were up-cycling when up-cycling wasn’t even COOL! Like, it wasn’t even a thing back then. But they did it and did it well, and are still doing it to this day!

I don’t always post their projects, but this one was so cute, I couldn’t help myself. They have been hard at work making this fun little planter box to put their “Watch For Children” sign in at the front of our driveway. (They are always making sure their grandbabies stay safe)

This little bike originally belonged to our oldest son, and it made its way through 2 more of our kiddos before it finally BIT THE DUST. It actually had a little help from daddy’s truck, but oh well… they had to learn the hard way not to leave their bikes in the driveway. (It was the first, and will hopefully be the last time they will make that mistake)

Since we no longer had a use for it, my Maw Maw asked if she could use it for a little Spring project that she had in mind. We gladly gave it to her, and have been excitedly awaiting their finished project ever since… And as I turned in the driveway a few days ago, I was greeting by this CHEERFUL SIGHT…

maw maw bick collage

They finally finished it, and it looks GREAT! It is so BRIGHT and COLORFUL, and an awesome re-purpose of  an otherwise unusable bike.

It just goes to show you that with a little CREATIVITY, almost anything can be reused into something NEW and USEFUL! Our kiddos think it is so GREAT, and we are enjoying getting to see it every time we pass by. 🙂


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