Today’s To-Do List

Today’s To-Do List

How do y’all like our To-Do list for today? Everyone added something different to it. And in case you didn’t notice, DANCING has already been checked off. HAHA! That was one of the most important things on there! 😉

And don’t y’all worry… all of our work orders for the day are on the next page. So, we are technically working in between all of the really IMPORTANT stuff listed on this page. Meanwhile, we are fresh out of CAKE. So, does someone want to come drop a cake off to us so we will be able to check off #4?

And while we are on the subject of to-do lists… Do any of you frequently use them? We love them! We have tons of them all over the place for so many different things. Now, the real trick is trying to keep up with where they are all at. Thankfully, this one in our workshop is so LARGE, it would be pretty hard for us to lose it! 

On a side note, do y’all ever right down completed items on your list, ones that were not even on there, just so you can check them off? I do it ALL OF THE TIME! Am I weird? Or is this something everyone does?

What are some of the things on your to-do list for the day? 


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