Tip of the Week! Tricks to Keeping the Rim of Your Paint Can Clean!

Tip of the Week! Tricks to Keeping the Rim of Your Paint Can Clean!

Hi Friends! Anyone who has ever painted knows the struggles of dealing with a messy paint can. And we all know once paint gets collected and dried along the rim, there is NO WAY that the can will ever properly seal again! Paint can quickly collect along the inside rim due to wiping off of the excess paint from your brush along the edges of the can. This can cause a thick, gunky mess. Over time, this will also create an issue with proper sealing of the lid and can cause the remainder of the paint inside of the can to dry out and become old. We have provided some GREAT TIPS below to help stop this issue before it even starts! 

If you are in a pinch and need a quick solution for keeping the rim of your paint can clean, here is one easy option…. Simply place a large rubber-band vertically over your can. This will provide a place to easily wipe the excess paint off of your brush without ever needing to touch the rim of your paint can.



If you do not have an extra  rubber-band lying around, you can always try this other great option….. Use a hammer and nail to tap holes around the inside rim of your paint can. This will help to keep paint from collecting by allowing for easy drainage back into the can.


By following these tips, you will have a lot LESS MESS and will also PROLONG the life of your paint!





  1. I’ve done a lot of painting and I’ve never seen or used the rubber band across the top of the paint can. Pretty cool.

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