“Tip Of The Week” Quick Paint Brush Storage!

“Tip Of The Week” Quick Paint Brush Storage!

 If you need to stop in the middle of a painting project, or have to finish up on your project the next day, this is a wonderful trick that can save you lots of time! Instead of rising out your paint brush after every use, you can simply slip your paintbrush into a ziplock bag and place it in your freezer overnight! This will keep the paint your brush brush moist for several days. Your refrigerator will work too if you’re coming back to work on the project the next day!

 The ziplock bag will prevent air from getting in, and will keep the paint on your brush from drying out. The cold temperature in your freezer/refrigerator will also slow down the drying process of the paint. And there you have it, friends! A quick, easy, and cost effective way for periodically storing your paint brush! 

And it even works with rollers too!

wet roller plastic wrap

For rollers… Depending upon the size, sometimes you can fit them into a gallon size zip lock bag. But if your roller is too large, you can always roll several layers of plastic wrap around them.

And when you are ready to start your paint project again, just remove your brushes/rollers from your freezer 15 minutes beforehand. And then you will be all READY TO GO!

*Note: This works best when using latex paint*



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