Tip Of The Week! “Easy Paint Storage”

Tip Of The Week! “Easy Paint Storage”

Hello Friends! In this weeks “Tip of the Week,” we will show y’all some cost effective, simple ways to keeping your paint from never drying out. We promise, it works! When we built our home 6 years ago, we learned a wonderful trick for keeping our paint fresh. It has not only saved us time and money, but also the headache of trying to get our paint “color matched” (which almost NEVER comes out correctly).

So, our solution, you ask? JARS! Any size, any shape! By pouring your left over paint into disposable jars, you can rest easy knowing that your paint is now in an air tight container and not being exposed to the elements. Jars also offer easier access to your paint. You can simply unscrew the lid, and touch up paint blemishes such as; scuff marks, scratches, and children’s art work. Yes, we have 4 little ones….so we know all about colorful masterpieces left from little ones down our walls. And for an added step, label each jar. This way, you know exactly where you used that specific paint. This will help eliminate confusion, especially if you used more than one type of paint in the same color family.

You see, when paint cans are continually re-opened and hammered closed, the seal on the paint cans become damaged. And no matter how hard you try, the can will not be able to properly seal again. In turn, your paint will be exposed to air which will cause it to become a gunky, rubbery mess! And who wants that?

***NOTE: Before starting this project, always make sure that your jars have been fully cleaned out before pouring any paint into them***

-For small pieces, such as dressers, end tables, headboards, etc…., pour some of your left over paint into small baby jars and peanut butter jars.  The majority of the time, when working on smaller projects like the ones listed above, you will only need to purchase a small amount paint (such as a quart) for your project anyway. So, the remainder left over should easily fit into one of these smaller options.

-For larger areas such as walls, ceilings, doors, molding, etc…. Pour the remainder of the paint from your cans into large mason jars or large pickle jars. These larger jars will hold a much greater quantity of paint, which is very helpful since you will more than likely be buying paint by the gallons to fully cover the spaces listed above.

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