Tip Of The Week “Don’t Be Afraid To Glaze!”

Tip Of The Week “Don’t Be Afraid To Glaze!”

Happy Tuesday, Friends! This week’s “Tip Of The Week” is all about GLAZING! And we don’t mean donuts. 😉 Here’s the truth of the matter, friends….Glazing can open up a whole new world! You can use colors that you never even thought of using before! It gives you the opportunity to have FUN, be CREATIVE, and to try NEW THINGS! Be BOLD and go for it!

Pictured above, we have the 4 colors that we used for our New Orleans Style Finish on the media cabinet that we have been working on. Can y’all BELIEVE it! As you can see, the colors that we used were pretty WILD, and look nothing like our completed finish. But the trick is, ALWAYS USE BRIGHT COLORS when adding a DARK glaze! That is the KEY! This is because it will darken once the glaze has been applied over it.

We have provided some INSTRUCTIONAL PICTURES and TIPS below if you would like to try your hand at glazing!


If you find that your project is not dark enough, apply another layer on top once your initial coat has dried.  You can always reapply glaze as many times as you would like until you have reached your desired color.

We always like to use Rustoleum Java Brown Glaze. It applies easily, dries quickly in between coats, and always adds a beautiful aged finish to any piece that we are working on! We highly suggest giving it a try on your first glazing project.


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