“Tip Of The Week” Cleaning Your Grill Naturally

“Tip Of The Week” Cleaning Your Grill Naturally

Happy Tuesday, Friends! This week’s “Tip Of The Week” is just in time for SUMMER! That is because it is all about GRILLIN’!  And it is  perfect for all of you heading to the beach, parks, and campsites for your upcoming vacations. This is a little trick that my husband, Patrick, has been using for years. He learned it on a training mission several years back while he was still in the Army. And we haven’t stopped using it since! 

So, here it is… Simply cut an onion in half and rub it all over the racks inside of your grill. This will loosen up baked on GRIT and GRIME and will clean your grates. It’s best to heat the grill super hot first. It also reduces your food from sticking while cooking and will season the grates. Once you are finished, leave the onion inside of your grill while your food is cooking. The onion will draw in the extra heat and will help your other food from getting burned during the cooking process. 

Onions have a powerful and natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Which is why they are a wonderful option to using HARSH CHEMICALS and WIRE BRUSHES. There have been several news reports in the media recently regarding accidental ingestion of wire bristles that have been left on the grill grates after cleaning and have found their way into the food placed on the grill. These bristles are small and can sometimes go unnoticed, and can cause major medical issues if ingested. This is why the onion method of cleaning your grill is one of the SAFEST OPTIONS you can use. 


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