The Case Of The Un-Matching Set

The Case Of The Un-Matching Set

Happy Friday, Friends! Do y’all happen to remember the SNEAKY PEEK in Lavish Green that we were working on last week? Well, here is the BEAUTIFUL set of pieces that we were working on! This set definitely proves that not all pieces have to be from a matching set in order for them to all go well together in 1 space!

Our clients initially came to us with these pieces, and 3 out of 4 of them held SENTIMNTAL value since they had been passed down through Mrs. Stein’s family to her. The buffet originally belonged to her mother, and the end tables belonged to her grandparents. Since our client’s living room and kitchen area are open to one another, they decided to have all of the pieces refinished to MATCH.

The thing that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE about these pieces is that even though they are NOT technically a matching set, they now look like they are part of a set! It is always AMAZING what a little paint, stain, and a glaze can do!

These pieces feature a STUNNING new color on their bases called Lavish Green made by Valspar. We then deepened the color by applying 2 coats of our favorite Java Brown Glaze on top. We simply love adding glaze to pieces that have lots of grooves, ridges, indentions, and details. It really makes them POP and gives a 3D effect! If you take a look a our BEFORE PICTURES below, you CANNOT even see all of the FABULOUS DETAILS on each piece because they were all 1 stain color.

For the tops, we BUFFED and REPAIRED the scratches, as well as filled in a large blemish on the top of one of the end tables. For this, we used our go to wood filler, Dap! It dries and hardens quickly and doesn’t shrink or crumble out like traditional wood fillers. It also comes in plenty of colors so you can easily find the perfect one for the project you are woking on.

Once we had our repairs completed, we added a GORGEOUS Provincial stain to the tops. This color is absolutely PERFECT, and our clients could not have picked a better stain color to go along with the paint color on their bases. After we finished that up, we applied a several coats of sealant to ensure these pieces remain looking LOVELY and PROTECTED for years to come!

Thank you again, to the Stein family for entrusting us with the repair and refinish of your pieces. We hope y’all enjoy, and we can’t wait to see the hardware you choose! 🙂


stein collage 7

stein collage 3

stein collage 2

stein collage 1Coffee Table:

stein collage 6

stein collage 4

stein collage 5

End Tables:

stein collage 8

stein collage 9

stein collage 13

stein collage 10

stein collage 11

stein collage 12

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