Guilty As Charged!

Guilty As Charged!

Guilty as charged!

I cannot, I repeat… CANNOT, hold my laughter in. It is physically and emotionally impossible for me to do so. And it seems to be even worse at times that I am especially NOT SUPPOSED TO LAUGH.

My strength on this matter was tested twice last week when a family member tripped and fell in my yard, and then an acquaintance was telling me about a story where they got hurt…. but in the most hilarious, unimaginable way. I know. I know… all of you think I am absolutely horrible, but I CANNOT help it. And I did ask if they were okay. That is… after I pulled myself together and finished laughing. 😉

At least I feel a little better about my situation after one of our clients revealed to me a few days ago that she and her daughter laugh at funerals. No judging here! I am now nervous I will do the same at the next funeral I attend.

Do any of you have this problem? Or is it just a crazy select few? ME INCLUDED!