Star Wars Here We Come!

Star Wars Here We Come!

Happy Friday, Friends! Are y’all as EXCITED about CHRISTMAS BREAK as we are!?!? Our kiddos worked EXTRA HARD this week, and completed all of their schoolwork and tests yesterday. So we had NO SCHOOL TODAY! YAY!!! And Patrick was THRILLED because the day that he has been counting down for all year was finally HERE!

No, I am not talking about Christmas. I am talking about the new Star Wars movie…

counting down to star wars

To CELEBRATE their achievement on finishing up the semester strong, our sweet little elves, Holly and Jolly, brought them an unexpected SURPRISE this morning! They had movie ticket to go see the NEW Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens), NEW Star Wars shirts laid out, and a stack of all of their favorite candy. The kids could hardly contain their EXCITEMENT when they saw all of their GOODIES that the elves brought for them!

So, we quickly threw ourselves together and hopped in the car in order to make it first showing this morning. Since it was showing at 9:00 am, and we knew there would be a LINE OF PEOPLE waiting outside of the theater, we had to be up quite early in order to get all 6 of us ready to go and out the door on time. This correctly depicts  how Patrick and i were actually feeling when the alarm went off this morning. HAHA!…

the force awakens

Thankfully, it was well worth it! The kids were totally into the movie and are looking forward to watching it again once it is released on DVD.  I am not a big Star Wars fan, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it as well. I have just never really been a huge fan, and I think I may know the reason why. Now, y’all have to PROMISE not to freak out when I tell y’all the reason….

I have NEVER watched all of the Star Wars movies before. (Sorry If I just sent all of you Star Wars fans over the edge with that one.) But it’s TRUE! I am 30 Ehmmm… something years old and I admit that I have never watched all of the Stars Wars movies. Although, since the movie was so good today, I actually want to sit and watch all of the movies from start to finish. If they are half as good as the movie was today, then I think that I will actually like them. Maybe that will be our next family movie night! 😉

Are you a Star Wars Fan? If so, out of ALL of the Star Wars movies, which one was your favorite? 

dark side

LOL! For all of our Star Wars fans out there. We thought this was too cute!


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