Sliding Bypass Barn Doors for the Hall Family

Sliding Bypass Barn Doors for the Hall Family

Hi Friends, and Happy Friday! For those of you who have been asking for pictures of the sliding bypass barn doors that we just finished for the Hall family yesterday, we finally have them UPLOADED and READY for y’all to view!

This order was such a dream come true for us, as this was our very first time having the opportunity to build and install sliding bypass barn doors. This was one of those projects that we have drooled over on Pinterest, while PATIENTLY waiting for a client to request them! And it finally happened for us when we were contacted a few weeks ago by the Hall family’s interior designer, Noel!

The Hall family is transitioning bedrooms around for their 4 boys, and there is a large playroom on the second story of their home which originally had a lovely balcony porch off of the back. Since then, they have remodeled, and closed that porch in, and it is now a bedroom for one of their sons.

But after the remodel, the large doorway connecting the two was never closed off, and the bedroom was completely open to the playroom. And as you can all imagine, this left little to no PRIVACY for their son when guests were over. So, they contacted their interior designer to help them come up with a solution for their little dilemma.

Because there were 2 large windows on each side of the doorway opening, their door options because somewhat limited. So, pocket doors were out of the question, glass french doors were a safety issue with young boys, and bi-fold doors were too outdated. So… sliding bypass barn doors were the best, and most FABULOUS option!

Mrs. Hall decided on a combination of these 2 door samples….

bypass barn door sample

View our SNEAKY PEEK here.

The doors needed to FUNCTION like the ones in the 1st picture, but with the STYLE of the door in the 2nd picture. The Hall’s home is very elegant and the style of the doors in the 1st picture were way too rustic for their space. The door in the 2nd picture offers a nice sleek look and feel, and is also very VERSATILE as it will go with so many different decor themes.

Once we had our doors built, we had the task of matching the finish as closely as possible to the railings on their stairway as they are located right outside of the playroom. So, we mixed a custom stain, and got to work.

And after a few tries, we finally decided on this…

hall barn doors collage 1

Now, fast forward a week later to our installation. Once we got to the Hall’s residence, and inspected our work space, we decided that we needed an external header board. This is because the studs were not evenly spaced inside the wall leaving only Sheetrock to drill into. This causes a huge SAFETY ISSUE when it comes to hanging pieces such as this which are quite HEAVY. And we wanted this barn door unit to be AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE for this family, especially since it will be getting lots of use from 4 young boys.

hall barn door collage 2

External header boards aren’t always needed, but in this case it was our best, most secure option. Plus, we feel that it adds so much more CHARACTER to the space by drawing your eye upwards and making the barn door unit feel more complete. It also helps to fill some of the empty space above it on the wall.

Here was their space BEFORE:

hall barn doors collage 2

And here it is AFTER:

hall barn doors collage 4

hall barn doors collage 5

And for those of you who noticed the color change of the walls, the room was repainted 2 weeks before we installed the new doors. It was originally purple, and now it is a lovely neutral tan. This room is now very UPDATED. Has a nice SLEEK, FRESH, CLEEN feel. And offers a range of versatility when it comes to new decor.

Thanks again to Noel and the Hall family! We had a wonderful time meeting and working with y’all on this project. We hope your family enjoys the new addition to your space. 🙂



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