Shabby Chic Beds for the Martinez Family

Shabby Chic Beds for the Martinez Family

Happy Saturday, Friends! Check out these SWEET girls in their new BIG GIRL beds! And by the looks on their faces, they couldn’t be more PROUD!

Their Daddy did a great job building them, and we finished them. They are a lovely Pure White with light distressing on edging and a hint of Light Gray peeking through. To make the gray even more subtle, we went back over it with a white wash . Now they are oh so SHABBY CHIC and GIRLY!

Since they picked up the pieces on 2 separate occasions as we had them completed, we weren‘t able to get pictures of our own. So, Lauren kindly sent this one as soon as they had the beds together. And it looks like their beautiful girls are already ENJOYING them! <3

Thanks again to the Martinez family for giving us the opportunity to work together with y’all on this project. It was a pleasure!

“The look on my girls faces in their new rooms is pure joy. I couldn’t be happier and more proud of how everything turned out.” -Lauren Martinez


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