Scrap Pile Project: Rustic Shelf/Towel Rack

Scrap Pile Project: Rustic Shelf/Towel Rack

Happy Friday, Friends! We’ve got a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Scrap Pile Project for y’all this week! All of you will get a little peek inside our bathroom! YIKES! This is actually going to be just the 1st of a few fun little projects from our recent master bathroom refinish that we are going to share with all of you. And they are all FABULOUS and FUNCTIONAL all rolled into one! (It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!)

The great thing about this particular scrap pile project is that it is FAST, SIMPLE, and super EASY ON THE POCKETBOOK. And not to mention, it only took us about 2 days to have completed (factoring in drying times), and didn’t cost us a single PENNY! That means this is a very doable weekend project for BEGINNERS and PROS alike!

For those of you who are new followers, here is a little info behind our scrap pile projects…. Our rules are simple: We use scraps from old projects, or pieces that we have gotten for FREE or LITTLE TO NO MONEY. And once we start, we have to use materials that we already have here. So no running to the store or spending any money! It can be a challenge, but we always have lots of fun and have a beautiful new treasure when it’s all said and done! So, here we go…

About a year ago, I ran across a really cool rustic shelf/towel hanging rack on Pinterest that I fell in LOVE with! At the time, I had no place for it, and decided to put it on the back burner until I was able to finally find a space for it… Ehmmm, or more like a reason to have Patrick build it for me. 😉

Now, fast forward to 6 months ago… Our Master Bathroom was in need of a little update, so when we went to repaint it, we had to remove everything. That meant that we had to take out all decor, pictures, curtains, towel racks… Y’all get where I’m going with this? Well, SOMEHOW our old towel rack broke! Honestly, it really did! And I had nothing to do with it! SERIOUSLY!!! Haha! (I think my guardian angel may have been sent on a special mission from Jesus to offer a little hand in its dimise) But any whooo… IT HAPPENED! Which meant that I had a REAL reason to replace it. And better yet, not spend any money while doing so! YAY for FREE stuff!

And to make matters even better, our material list only consisted of 4 items this go-around! All of which we had on hand. And our main item needed was kind of already built for us…. Boy, was Patrick was relieved to hear that!?!? HAHA!

So, here’s what we used…

1. A Pallet

2. A Curtain Rod

3. Stain

4. Sealant

And that was IT! I ran outside and pulled the best looking pallet I could find from the backyard, we measured our space in our bathroom, and simply cut to fit. I also wanted some shelf space for nick-nacks and decor, so we added that as well. You can really get creative with it and do variations of whatever fits your needs best. 

I wanted to keep this one someone rustic, so I decided to go with a stain. I chose to use a beautiful color called Carrington, which matches the cabinets in our bathroom PERFECTLY! And as for the rod, I had an extra one from a set that I purchased a while back. It had just been hanging out in all by its lonesome in the closet for a while, and it matched the one already hanging above the window in our bathroom! SCORE! 

Now, I would like to note that we do not use pallets very often. But when we do, we CAREFULLY inspect them. It is always best to find out where your pallets are coming from, and to fully check over them before using them on certain projects. Especially on surfaces that food will be used to prepare on, or eaten off of. Or on other pieces such as beds that you will spend large amounts of time in close proximity to. And it is always a good idea to clean the planks that you will be using, especially for inside use. We go through this process EVERY TIME we handle and work with pallets, and we did so for our shelf/towel rack and also fully sealed it after staining. It is always best to be SAFE than SORRY. 😉

And here is our FINISHED project…

pallet towel rack collage 4

pallet towel rack collage 3

pallet towel rack collage 2

pallet towel rack collage 1

And to keep it super SIMPLE and RUSTIC, we left all of the nail holes and imperfections…

pallet towel rack collage 7

We hope y’all enjoyed our project, and would love to see yours! It’s super easy and be customized, so just have fun with it!

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