Scrap Pile Project: Hall Tree

Scrap Pile Project: Hall Tree

Happy Thursday, Friends! One of our most favorite things to do around here is Up-cycling. In this case, we reused some old scraps, paint, stain, and hardware from old project that had been piling up in our shop. We absolutely LOVE to save all of our usable scraps for future projects, especially when they can be re-purposed into something NEW! Why waste if we don’t have to?

So, we got to work gathering all of our scraps that would have otherwise been BURNED or THROWN AWAY. We were even able to pull together a few decorative pieces that we purchased over the years…. but never found the right use for them… UNTIL NOW! They may have not seemed like much at the time, but once put together, they became a MASTERPIECE!

If y’all remember, we posted a picture a few months back of a new little project that we were just starting. (View Previous Post HERE) Well, we have it FINISHED and are ready to show all of you our completed project!

It all started with this PILE OF JUNK…

scrap pile project

It basically consists of an OLD DOOR that we purchased several years ago for $10, and a bunch of SCRAP WOOD , TRIM PIECES, and a DRAWER. All of which are left overs from past projects.

Our RULES for this project were simple: We could only use items that we currently had on hand. This meant that we COULD NOT purchase anything new. So away we went scavenging through all of our old scrap piles for old materials that could be salvaged and up-cycled into 1 brand new piece!

We already had our door, which worked great for our backing, but we really NEEDED a space for some storage. Since we were going to be using this in our mudroom, we needed somewhere to hang towels, store sunscreen, etc… This is the first place our kids walk into when they come in from playing outdoors, so it needed to be FUNCTIONAL for our space.

We added a top for seating, this has proven to be a wonderful spot for taking shoes on and off. We also added an open cubby underneath to store towels and swimsuits. And the drawer is perfect for holding sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses. The hangers on either side are great for hanging damp towels to dry during Spring and Summer, and coats, scarves, and hats during Fall and Winter. And last but not least, the mirror is not only a decorative addition, but a place to quickly check over yourself before heading out the door!

After painting, staining, distressing, crackling, and aging our piece once it was built; we jazzed things up by adding a cast iron handle and hangers that we had left over from another project (all of which were originally 50% off and we only paid $2 each for them), and a mirror that we purchased for $1o several years ago. Then our piece was complete! Here is our FINISHED product…

scrap pile project collage 1

scrap pile project hall tree

Since we are using this piece in our mudroom, we decided to match it to our other hall tree that it will be sharing the space with. This one holds all of our outside shoes, and was a SCRAP PILE PROJECT (CLICK HERE TO VIEW POST) as well…

door hall tree 1

door hall tree 2

And the great news is, we didn’t BREAK THE BANK! This project cost us less than $30, and is not only beautiful, but very functional as well! And since we chose to go with a vertical hall tree, it is a big SPACE SAVER too! And we don’t know about y’all, but we have never heard of anyone complaining about a piece that not only saves on space, offers extra organization possibilities, and is pretty… ALL AT ROLLED INTO ONE!


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