Rustic Vanity Stool

Rustic Vanity Stool

Hi Friends, and Happy Monday! Today we are sharing an adorable stool that we recently built and finished for one of our precious clients, Gabby! Gabby’s mom, Jill, contacted us because she was in need of a new little stool for her vanity. We were so excited because we absolutely LOVE working with this family! This was our 3rd time having the opportunity to create new pieces for their home, but the 1st time building something for their daughter, Gabby! (It’s was high time that we made something especially for you, Gabby.. Right? HAHA!)

Even though this stool needed to be on the smaller side in order to fit within the dimensions of the opening in the desk, it still needed to have a substantial amount of weight to it so it wouldn’t easily tip over. We didn’t want sweet Gabby to have any accidents while getting ready for school, or working on her laptop. So, every last bit of this stool was 100% handmade using ALL solid wood!  That means that this piece is NICE and STURDY!

And as for the finish, Gabby chose a fabulous dry brushed look. We showed her lots of samples, but this one was her FAVORITE! And can you really blame her!?!? What we love about this finish is that you can still see the gorgeous English Chestnut stain peeping through, yet the Antique White overlay brightens the entire piece up! And since her bed is brown, and her vanity is white, this one stool helps to unite the main colors from the 2 largest pieces in her room… all rolled into 1 piece.

It just goes to show you that small pieces can still have A LOT of character!

We received this sweet message from Jill after Gabby saw her new vanity stool…

“”Gabby loves her bench!!! She said, “It’s perfect!” Thank you very much!” 😉           -Jill Kilbride

gabby bench collage 8

Thanks again Mike, Jill, and Gabby for giving us yet another opportunity to make another piece for your GORGEOUS home! We hope you enjoy it Gabby! It is always such a BLESSING working with your incredible family!

gabby bench collage 2

gabby bench collage 3

Here are some better close-ups of our LOVELY finish…

gabby bench collage 6

gabby bench collage 5

gabby bench collage 1

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