Rustic Coffee Bar

Rustic Coffee Bar

Hi Friends, and Happy Saturday! Today, we are sharing our fun, Rustic Coffee Bar with all of you. This is a piece that that we designed ourselves to fill a NEED in our home, and has made our life so much EASIER! And as most of you know, with a family of 6 we are always looking for ways to get organized and help to save time, and this coffee bar was it!

Like most COFFEE and TEA LOVERS, we have way too many varieties and packets lying around, as well as about a million mugs that were taking up precious cabinet space in our kitchen. So, Patrick and I put our thinking caps on and started working on a design for a coffee bar.When designing this piece, we wanted something that was not too large (as we had a specific space that it needed to fit within); yet large enough to hold all of our hot beverages and various items that go along with them. So, we got to work on our measurements and overall design. We wanted something that was very FUNCTIONAL and provided some MUCH NEEDED EXTRA ROOM to ORGANIZE and hold everything in one place.

We decided to go with an enclosed cabinet area underneath for our EVER-GROWING MUG COLLECTION. Inside, we decided to attach our center shelf a little higher than normal. This allows space to add cup hooks in the future where we can hang mugs in case we may need extra room. (Which I am sure we will) We also added 2 large drawers on top which allow more than enough space for all of our teas, coffee, hot cocoa packets, stirring straws, napkins, sweeteners, etc…  Basically, EVERYTHING needed for a hot beverage in 1 place!

coffee bar collage 3

As for the finish, we chose to go a little OUT OF THE BOX on this piece. Since it is NOT an extremely large piece, we could afford to take a little risk with a bit of a busier finish. Since we have a large buffet in the same space that has a rich turquoise finish, we decided to keep with a neutral color theme on this piece as to not overpower and essentially over-saturate our space with too much color. So, we kept with a neutral, yet contrasting stain and paint color that we have on several other pieces in our home. (Carrington stain and Antique White paint.) This particular chippy paint finish, however, is something that we have not tried before on such a large scale. And we thought there was NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to give it a go!

There were 2 little additions that we also decided to add to give our coffee bar a little something extra… DECORATIVE FEET and KNOBS! Both of which added lots of CHARACTER to this piece, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without them! We chose to go with bold knobs. The ones that we decided on are antique turquoise crackled glass knobs. Since the drawer fronts are so large, we needed to fill some of that blank space. So, we picked large cast iron medalion knob plates that our glass knob easily slides through. Knob plates  come in so many varieties and styles, and are a great option for either filling in blank space or simply adding a little style to a piece.We really wanted to use the same knobs and knob plates for our doors as well, but since we were working with a very narrow space, we chose a vertical cast iron knob plate. Now, all of our knobs match without necessarily being “matchy, matchy.” And the great thing about knobs is that they can easily be switched if we decide to change our minds, or color themes in the future. 

coffee bar collage 4

And let us just tell y’all a little bit about the cypress top that we chose to use for our coffee bar. We purchased the slab that this piece was cut from several years ago, but we got so busy and it was pushed to the side and forgotten about. I actually thought that it was accidentally left out in the weather and had ruined long ago. Well, Patrick recently ran across it and remembered about it when we began designing our coffee bar. Once we started working on it, he SURPRISED me with it… and I am so HAPPY he did because it absolutely MADE MY DAY! After a few runs to the plainer, a little sanding, and a coat of stain, it’s looking GORGEOUS!

We have now had this piece finished for a few weeks now, and we honestly do not know how we ever lived without it! This one piece has allowed us to clean out our kitchen cabinets that once held all of our mugs, which has freed up some much needed space in those areas. We have also been able to remove our coffee pot and espresso machine from our counter, which allows for more prep space to work in the kitchen. Also, almost an entire pantry shelf has been cleared of all of our teas, coffees, hot cocoa mixes, etc… Not to mention, we now have a new BEAUTIFUL piece for our home that my husband and I were able to work on together as a team.

So, not only did we make memories, but we also have a brand new piece that is both FUNCTIONAL and STYLISH! It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!

coffee bar collage 2


For those of you who would like to place an order for your very own coffee bar, simply contact us with the measurements that you would like, and we would be more than happy to send you an estimate! And the awesome thing is that this piece could be used as more than just a coffee bar… You could use it as a media console, buffet, printer cabinet in an office, entry table, etc… The possibilities are ENDLESS! 🙂

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