Restaurant Tables & Chairs

Restaurant Tables & Chairs

Happy Saturday, Friends! We just finished up this order for 4 custom built tables and 16 refinished chairs for one of our local restaurants!

The tops feature a BEAUTIFUL Carrington Stain, that offers a DEEP, RICH color. As for the chairs, our clients chose to go with a CLASSIC, Antique White with distressing, and then finished off with a LOVELY glaze.

Thanks again, friends, for allowing us to create and finish these pieces for your new restaurant. We wish y’all the BEST OF LUCK on your new business venture! May it be BLESSED and OVERFLOWING with HAPPY CUSTOMERS! 🙂

ivonne table and chairs collage 3

ivonne table and chairs collage 4

ivonne table and chairs collage 1

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the finished chairs…

ivonne chair collage 1

ivonne chair collage 2


  1. Tables are definitely a must have for restaurants. I don’t think you could get any service without them. The table selection looks really nice and I hope that it goes well wit the rest of the interior.

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