Repaired & Refinished High Chair

Repaired & Refinished High Chair

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Check out this a GORGEOUS high chair that we have been working on for the Cruz family! When we received this beautiful piece, it was in need of a few repairs before we could start the refinishing process. Some areas had accidentally gotten wet, and as a result, several portions were swollen, peeling, and splitting. We also needed to fill and mold the areas in the front legs where a spindle had originally been attached. So, we pulled out our tools and GOT TO WORK….

Once we completed all of our repairs, we were able to get to the FUN PART… the REFINISHING! I was a little nervous about this one since our client gave us FREE REIGN to refinish this piece however we wanted. (EEEK!!! I was a little SCARED and EXCITED all rolled into one!) She said to refinish it the way I would for my own home. So, that is just what I did!
We decided to go with a Dark Walnut stain for the tray. This will help to hide dings and scratches from the little ones much easier than a light paint or lighter stain would. Once we finished that, we painted the rest of the high chair in a LOVELY White Cottage. (This will go well in our client’s home since they have a neutral, light color theme) Next, we used a dark glaze over the painted areas, which looks BEAUTIFUL in all of the grooves and crevices of the spindles. Plus, it adds a lot of CHARACTER and gives this piece an ANTIQUE feel. ( Not to mention, a dark glaze is great with little ones since it helps to disguise any food, smudges, hand prints, or dirt.)
And here is our finished product….

cruz high chair 1

Thank you again for entrusting us with this project, David and Meghan! It was such a pleasure to work with y’all. 🙂

Here are some of our BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

cruz high chair 5

cruz high chair 3

cruz high chair 4

cruz high chair 6

cruz high chair 2

cruz high chair 8

cruz high chair 9


***UPDATE*** It’s been almost a year later, Oh my goodness, Y’all! Check out this HANDSME little man! The Cruz family’s sweet boy wasn’t big enough to use it then, but he sure is enjoying it now! And feeding himself! Boy… time sure does fly!

meghan high chair 3
He is so adorable, David and Meghan! These pictures totally made our day! 🙂

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