Real Life Elf On The Shelf

Real Life Elf On The Shelf

In the magic of the Christmas spirit, families across the nation participate in the “Elf on a Shelf” tradition, where a Christmas elf watches over the home’s children to ensure they are indeed being nice, and deserve their Christmas wishes. The elf then “delivers” that information to Santa.

Father of six, Alan Lawrence never had an “Elf on the Shelf” growing up–but he was always intrigued by it. Then one day, someone mentioned his little 4-month-old baby boy looked like a cute elf, and the world was given this gem!

Here are some of the HILARIOUS pictures that the Lawrence family have taken of their little elf so far this year…

elf baby 1 elf baby 2 elf baby 3 elf baby 4 elf baby 5 elf baby 6 elf baby 8elf baby 7elf baby 9 elf baby 10 elf baby 11 elf baby 12 elf baby 13 elf baby 14

If you would like to keep up with this ADORABLE little Elf on the Shelf on Alan’s blog, you can find all of his recent posts HERE. Enjoy, friends! 🙂



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