Pretty In Pearl

Pretty In Pearl

Hi Friends! We have been working on another beautiful French Provincial dresser, end table, and mirror this week. If y’all remember, we showed y’all some SAMPLES last week that we were working on for a client. Well, we are HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that our client decided to use it on all of the edging on this set, as well as a few other pieces that we are working on for them. EEEP! 

Here’s a little SNEAKY PEEK of one of the drawers. This with a new color is called Oyster, and it adds a beautiful PEARL sheen to any surface. We are LOVING it! We have gotten all of our prep work completed, and have all of our pieces painted. So, we have been working on hand painting all of the edging all afternoon! It’s A LOT of detailed work, but it is so worth it.

This set is going to be so ELEGANT and SOPHISTICATED once we have it finished! We can hardly wait to see our finished products!




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