Pictures With Santa 2015

Pictures With Santa 2015

Hi Friends! We Hope y’all are having a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! We took a little time out of our schedule yesterday to go visit Santa at our local Bass Pro Shop. We HAD to go there to see Santa because y’all KNOW that the one at Bass Pro is the REAL SANTA! Our kids will be the first to tell you that he is the ONLY real one. All of the rest of the Santas everywhere else simply fill in for Santa because he is so busy at Bass Pro! HAHA! 😉

It was a very LAST MINUTE trip since we had only found out the night before that it was the GRAND OPENING for Santa’s Wonderland. So, we worked on as many orders as we could Saturday morning, and then quickly took a break for the rest of the evening to get ready and get over to Bass Pro early before the crowds flocked in. We go to Bass Pro every single year to take pictures with Santa, but this was our very first time going on grand opening night. Because of this, we were sure that there was going to be a HUGE crowd. But let us just tell y’all, it was SO WORTH IT!

They had FREE hot cocoa and cookies, plush toys for the first 100 in line, Santa pictures, carousel, games, crafts, carolers, Rudolph, Frosty, BOGO cards for kids meals at the Bass Pro restaurant, and SO MUCH for the kids to look at and do. And YES, it was ALL FREE! (You can’t beat that, my friends!) As y’all can imagine, these things of course always help since there is a bit of a wait to take a photo with Santa. So, while I waited in line, Patrick took the kids around to do all the fun activities. And trust me when I say, if you are planning to bring your little ones to take pictures with Santa, Bass Pro is ABSOLUTELY the WAY TO GO! You will NOT be disappointed. Plus, the kids will be very entertained during the wait which helps prevent those notorious HOLIDAY TANTRUMS and MELT DOWNS. (By both kids and parents alike) 😉

On top of our FREE Santa Picture, here are some of the other FREEBIES that we received:

bass p 4

Plush toy for first 100 kids

bass p 5

Large Santa stocking craft. Comes with decorations as well so each child can make theirs unique.

And November 14th-November 20th you can receive a the Santa’s Wonderland Personalized Christmas Card Package for only $5.00! You get (8) 4×6 Christmas cards and envelopes. (limit 3 per person) So, for $15.00, you could get 24 personalized Christmas cards! THAT IS A STEAL!

bass p 6

Here are some of the other fun things we enjoyed. They also have the Santa Wonderland area set up BEAUTIFULLY. That means there are LOTS of opportunities for some nice Christmas photo shoots.

bass p 2

All of our babies having a BLAST!

bass p 3

My hunny and I riding on the carousel with our kiddos..

And we, of course, CANNOT go to Bass Pro without visiting their Fudge Shop. We decided to get a little variety pack. There are so many different flavors, with a little something that everyone will like. And not to mention, all of their fudge is FRESH and made using REAL CREAM and BUTTER. It’s TO DIE FOR! Yummmm…..

bass p 7

Sorry, we did a little sampling before I could snap a picture. ;)

And before I let y’all go, I just have to brag on this little CUTIE below. She was SO GOOD! She got her a few stuffed toys and laid down in the buggy and quietly read her Bass Pro Santa photo brochure. Out of all of our kiddos, she was hands down the MOST EXCITED about seeing Santa! This is the first year that she is really understanding the whole Santa thing, and she simply COULD NOT WAIT. She was dressed  and ready to go hours before we even had to leave. As a parent, I LOVE seeing Christmas through my children’s eyes. <3

bass p1

We hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! <3

And to find out more information about the Santa’s Wonderland events going on at your local Bass Pro Shop, just click HERE!

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