Picture Frame Crosses for Amanda

Picture Frame Crosses for Amanda

We recently had the honor of working with one of our sweet clients, Amanda. She originally found us last year, and initially ordered a cross frame for her fiance as a Christmas gift. Since then, their friends and family members LOVED it so much, they all wanted a cross frame for themselves. So, Amanda contacted us again and asked us to make 4 more frames! One fully stained with a gorgeous Provincial stain, and 3 stained with distressing in Antique White.

I know what all of you are thinking, that’s A LOT of frames for one person to be ordering! But you see, Amanda is incredibly KIND and THOUGHTFUL,  and she wanted to give them as GIFTS to her family and friends. And we were more than happy to help!

Here we have our stained cross. It features a large 8×10 center frame, and then (5) 5×7 surrounding frames.

cross frame collage 2

And here, we have our stained frame with lovely Antique White distressing. This offers a nice contrast in color and the distressing gives it a rustic feel. With this frame, Amanda wanted  to go with all 5×7 landscape frames, to better accommodate sizing of pictures their family had recently taken.

cross frame collage 1

Thanks again, Amanda! We had a wonderful time working with you again, and hope everyone is enjoying their frames! You are the absolute SWEETEST client to work with, and we sure you are BELOVED by all of your family and friends!

(To view pricing and other finishes of our Picture Frame Crosses, simply click HERE for more info.)

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