Our Unexpected Surprise

Our Unexpected Surprise

This past weekend, we got a very UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! One of our sweet clients contacted us last year asking us to repair and refinish an antique entry table that she saved from the rubble of an old local plantation home. At the time, she was not exactly sure about the look she wanted to go with for this piece and said that she would get back to us once she made her decision.

Well, she contacted us again last Friday asking if she could drop it off to us the following morning. Once she arrived, we stepped outside to get it unloaded, and to our SURPRISE…. 

She told us that she was giving it to us! She said that she wanted us to have it, and gave us FREE REIGN to repair and refinish it however we would like! WOW! We were totally blown away, and still are by her kindness. We simply cannot wait until we get some free time to work on this little gem, and will be sure to post pictures of our finished product for all of you to see!

Thanks again, Alane! You are one in a million and we are over-the-moon EXCITED to work on this piece!



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