Our Schoolroom Renovation

Our Schoolroom Renovation

Hi Friends! With our school year coming to a close, we thought we would share some of the CHANGES and UPGRADES that we have made to our space over the past 8 months! We feel that our space will probably be one that is every-changing as we continue our homeschooling journey, but for the time being we are very pleased with how much we have accomplished this school year.

Since this was our very first year of homeschooling, we kind of JUMPED in with both feet forward. We didn’t know exactly what would work best for us, and fully expected this to be a year of TRIALS and ERRORS. This would be our year of really learning what would work best for our family, and what we were going to have to tweak and change a bit before getting into our groove.

Right before we began our school year, we quickly whipped up a desk for our kiddos to do their school work on. Well, we are PROUD to report that our design is still working GREAT for us!  It fits our space very well, and offers great organization for all of our curriculum, as well as plenty of space for everyone to sit at once….

kids school desk

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kids school desk 1

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homeschool desk

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first day of school 2015 1

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But as we progressed through our school year, we quickly realized that we were in desperate need of a “QUIET” space for reading and test taking.

Since we have 3 children on 3 separate grade levels, teaching time can get a bit crazy. And not to mention a 4 year old running around and doing her own “schoolwork”. (AKA: MAKING ART WORK and NOISE) Which means that this can quickly turn into a LOUD environment in 2 seconds flat! This prompted us to create another working space across the room from our current school desk. But there was one thing standing in our way… this MONSTROSITY below!

entertainment center 1

Until now, this portion of wall space was completely taken up by a HUGE entertainment center. Before we began our homeschooling journey, this room was used as our kiddos toy room. So, having a t.v. in there wasn’t such a bad thing. But since we have transitioned this space into a school room, it hasn’t been turned on since. That meant that we had very usable space that wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. We decided it was high time to move the old out, and create a new area that would not only work better for our family, but would also offer better organization.

We began by donating our current entertainment center and television to a family in need. (It’s always a blessing to be a blessing!) Then we got to work coming up with a design for our new work space! We needed something with more shelving, as well as a desk space for quiet work. So, we decided to take a look through pieces that we already had in stock before beginning the process of building pieces from scratch. This process saves both TIME and MONEY!

We had recently been blessed with and another entertainment center, and it was thankfully a detaching unit. This meant that we were able to remove the 2 shelving units from either side easily without causing damage to any of the pieces. After completing our prep work, it was time to start on refinishing both shelving units to better match our space.

Here are our BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the shelving units that flanked each side of the entertainment center…

school room collage 3

To give everything an overall uniform look, we decided to remove the doors from one set of shelving. And since we wanted our entire space to flow well, we decided to use the same finish on these pieces that we used on our large desk on the opposite side of our school room. The lighter color on these pieces help to BRIGHTEN and FRESHEN up our space, and totally TRANSFORMED these shelving units! We also added some yellow pops of color in this space since we have this color theme throughout our schoolroom. I love yellow, and wanted to add it in this space because it is so CHEERFUL… and some days we really needed some happiness added to our schooldays. 😉

As for the desk, we had an old dining table that we had been holding onto for about 2 years. We really loved the decorative legs on it, but the table as a whole was too large for our space. So, we decided to REMOVE the legs and REUSE them on our desk! From that point, all that we had to do was built a new top, skirting, and drawer. Since we had removed the doors from one of the shelving units, we had 2 handles left over. We repainted it to match the metal work on the tops of the shelves, and popped it onto our new desk drawer! And not a penny spent!

school desk collage

And as for our chairs, we still had a few that matched our desk across the room. We initially purchased 12 of them, and had just enough to finish the job! All we had to do was refinish them according to our color theme, and they were GOOD TO GO!

chairs miss sue

Next, we got to work on an idea I had for an ART DISPLAY. We knew we needed something to fit on the wall above our new school desk, but and figured we were just going to have to build something custom to fit within our specific measurements. The next morning while walking through our workshop, I stumbled across a frame that Patrick’s mom had given us a several months ago. It had been pushed behind some old doors, and I honestly didn’t even remember we had it. I ran into the house with it, held it up, and it was a PERFECT FIT!

So, we stained and sealed it, attached a chicken wire backing, added some color coordinating close pins, and a BIG OLE’ YELLOW BURLAP BOW on top…. and VIOLA! A special place where our kiddos can proudly hang all of their art work!

art board 1

While we were in the groove of INSPIRING our kids to be more CREATIVE, we decided to make use of an old chalk board that we have been holding onto for years.  Until now, this poor this was never very pretty or functional. Every time we would try to prop it up, it would fall over or slide down while the kids were trying to write on it. There was also no place to attach a chalk tray. In turn, the chalk was always getting lost or broken into a million pieces. So, we decided to make a frame to EASILY and SECURELY hang it on the wall, with an added tray on the front for storage.

chalk board collage 1 Now it’s all hung up and READY TO GO…

chalk board collage 3

Not too long after we finished, I caught this sweet girl drawing this work of art. It is a kitty standing on top of the world, with an American flag, stars, and planets. We had been working on space that week in school. (No, we never talked about a kitty standing on top of the world, but the rest is pretty legit.) We are just happy to see that our kids are enjoying it!

chalk board collage 2

And last, but certainly not least, our hand painted Schoolhouse sign

schoolhouse sign 1

It is quite possibly one of my most favorite decorative additions to our space. And it makes me SO HAPPY every time I look at it. 🙂

And here is the total transformation of all of our pieces combined….

school room collage 4

Well, friends… that about sums up our work that we have completed in our school room up until this point. And to be honest, it couldn’t have come at a better time… Today, we are CELEBRATING our FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL, and are welcoming SUMMER a whole month early! WOOHOO! This Mamma is just as happy as our little students are. They have worked so very hard this school year, and we look forward to going through another round of homeschooling next year. That is… after a nice, LONG Summer vacation!

(And don’t forget to STAY TUNED, as we have some other upcoming projects that we will be working on in our school room soon! We are always trying out new ideas, and doing our best to incorporate better organization and utilization of our space!)

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