Our Paint Colors Of The Week

Our Paint Colors Of The Week

Hi Friends! Check out the 4 FABULOUS colors that we have been working with this week! And it may even surprise y’all to know that we are using ALL of them on the SAME piece! OH YES… HAHA! It may seem like A LOT, but we PROMISE, they look BEAUTIFUL together.

These colors are so SOFT and COOL that they give a CALMING effect. As I worked on the piece, Patrick couldn’t stop staring at it. He said that it made him feel CALM and PEACEFUL! (Hey… I am up for ANYTHING that can give us some TRANQUILITY in our home!) 😉

Once we are finished, our piece will be AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. So, keep you eyes peeled for our finished product! We will be sure to post PLENTY OF PICTURES too!


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