Our New Puppy Cave

Our New Puppy Cave

Happy Saturday, Friends! We have a great new piece for all of our PET PARENTS out there! It is what we affectionately like to call a PUPPY CAVE! (If men can have them, why not make one for man’s best friend too) We built this one for our sweet beagle, Gingerbread. She stays with me in our office while I work throughout the day, so we wanted to make a special little place that was just for her. 

The great thing about puppy caves are that they can double as a decorative piece in your home or office. They are especially perfect when used as an end table in your living room. And they can be finished to match ANY color theme! We love it when a piece is not only beautiful, but is functional as well! 🙂

-SM/MED: $125.00

-Large: $150.00


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