New, Custom Rails And Bed Repair

New, Custom Rails And Bed Repair

Hi friends! We recently had some clients contact us because they were in a bit of a PREDICAMENT. They had recently ordered a shutter style bed from another company, and quickly realized that the rails we 2 inches TOO SHORT. So, their mattress unfortunately DID NOT FIT.

So, they brought everything to us for some BRAND NEW, CUSTOM RAILS! This bed had a very specific rail system that had to be HANDMADE in order to ensure a proper fit.

bed repair collage 3

Since each end piece was different, and NO 2 WERE ALIKE, on the headboard and footboard, we had to be custom CUT, ROUTE, NOTCH, and WHITTLE on all 4 ends of the rails in order to ensure they would fit properly.

bed repair collage 2

There was also some DAMAGE to the top right corner of the headboard that needed to be REPAIRED

bed repair collage 1

It was fixed in NO TIME with our Titebond Wood Glue and Dap Plastic Wood Products!

The finish on the rails also needed to be finished to MATCH the previous rails that went along with the existing bed. After several shades of colors, some distressed, and dry brushing, this was our LOVELY finished product….

bed repair collage 4

bed repair collage 5


And here is a CLOSE UP of our finish…

bed repair collage 6

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