New Color Inspiration…..GREY!

New Color Inspiration…..GREY!

We are currently working on a very large order for a client, and we LOVE the color that they chose! They brought us this gorgeous clock for the inspiration for their refinish. Now, it looks a little blue in the picture… but in person, it is a very elegant light grey. What we love most about using this shade of grey is that it has a calming effect and will not overpower the space that it is in. This is also a neutral color and can be paired with many other colors without clashing.


We chose to go with Sherwin Williams Ovation Latex Flat Paint. The color that we are using is called Krypton!


We are currently working on stripping, sanding, and cleaning all of their pieces, and cannot wait to start staining and painting everything! We will post our finish product as soon as we have everything completed! So…STAY TUNED!


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