Liability Of The Week!

Liability Of The Week!

Hi Friends! We are going to start a new post segment called “Liability Of The Week.” During this time, we will find and post someone who has made a terrible choice in the workplace. We will then hopefully all have a good laugh, and make the decision not to repeat some of their boneheaded choices!

This week, we have a man making some repairs in an outdoor stairwell. Which, in theory, is a very good idea. BUT…it was NOT A GOOD IDEA to use a regular ladder for the occasion. Especially when it is several stories high and barely clinging to the outside edge of the walkway. The mamma in me doesn’t know if I want to give him a good butt chewing or pass out in fright! 

I get nervous on a ladder with ALL 4 legs on the ground! And that is with someone holding it to make sure it does’t tip over! YIKES!

Let this man inspire you to practice safety, friends! ENJOY! 😉

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