Just in Time For Summer: Slatted Cabana Barstools

Just in Time For Summer: Slatted Cabana Barstools

Happy Wednesday, Friends! JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER… Slatted Cabana Barstools! We recently finished this fun new design of barstools for our clients, the Kilbride family! They have a beautiful outdoor area surrounding their pool, but their previous barstools had seen better days and needed to be REPLACED. So they contacted us about building them a band new set!

So, we quickly got to work on a design that would best fit their space. For starters, they chose to scale things down a bit. Their previous barstools had backs and arms, and were over-sized for their space. And since their new barstools will be in close proximity to their pool, they decided to go with a slatted design for their tops. The slatted design will allow water to EASILY pass through without puddling on the seats. This helps to keep the seats DRY which will, in turn, DECREASE the chance of WOOD ROT over time. 

As for the finish, they chose a dark, very rich stain color called Kona. This is one of the darkest brown stains that we can get our hands on, which is perfect because the barstools needed to match the Kilbrides’ other outdoor furniture, which is dark brown as well. Once we finished staining, we fully sealed both pieces using a spar varnish. This sealant is best for outdoor usage since it has a built in UV protectant against FADING and SUN DAMAGE. It’s a good idea to use a finish containing UV-blockers for any outdoor project. Spar Varnish also REPELS and PROTECTS against water damage. That makes our choice of sealant PERFECT for use in this space.

And here they are… these babies are ready for GRILLIN’ and poolside CHILLIN’!

jill barstool pic sent in

Thanks again, Mike and Jill! We hope y’all enjoy them this SUMMER! 🙂


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