I Refuse To Let My Circumstances Ruin My Day

I Refuse To Let My Circumstances Ruin My Day

Oh, heavens! Yes… this is EXACTLY what is happening over here. I have a feeling that I will need to write a MUCH LONGER blog post about the events that have transpired in our home over the past 24 hrs, but since I am currently short on time, I will have to sum it up for y’all in 5 short bullet points….

1. Two major appliances have gone HAYWIRE and are in need of parts and repairs.

2. Packing for a very short trip has become a 3 day, clothes washing EXPLOSION.

3. I am on my way now to a LAST MINUTE doctor’s appointment because of a terrible earache that will ruin my time on our trip if not taken care of A.S.A.P.

4. My house looks like a bunch of WILD GORILLAS had a PARTY from one end to the other.

5. We just realized that we need 2 new tires on our vehicle, and our usual tire shop is BOOKED with appointments for the day.

Even though ALL of this CRAZINESS feels as though it is CONSUMING our lives, I keep telling myself. I am CHOOSING JOY, I am CHOOSING JOY, I am CHOOSING JOY. 

I REFUSE to let my circumstances ruin my day. 🙂


  1. […] If y’all remember, I shared a quick little post with y’all on Friday about the CRAZINESS that transpired at the end of last week. It was so stressful that we ALMOST decided just to stay home to take care of everything over the weekend. We really hated to cancel our trip, though. And by the GRACE of GOD, everything semi-worked out at the last minute, and we were able to still go on our trip. We may have left several hours later than we initially planned, but we left and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless! (Read more about what happened HERE) […]

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