How $15 Changed Our Outlook On Life!

How $15 Changed Our Outlook On Life!

This past weekend we decided to take a break for a bit to enjoy some time with our babies. This was something that we not only WANTED to do, but something that we really NEEDED to do. Between Patrick’s almost monthly heart procedures over the past 7 months, and working  7 days a week just to keep up with orders, we were in desperate need of a BREAK. And we knew our babies needed some time to decompress just as badly as we did.

Since it is now Spring, and the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS here in Louisiana, we decided it was high time for a WATER PLAY DAY! So, we picked up some bubbles, a slip n’ slide, snacks, and pulled out last years $0.99 pools from Target and created a fun little surprise our kiddos. While they were inside of our home playing, Patrick and I secretly slipped outside to set up a FUN FILLED day for our family, and realized a valuable lesson in the process.


water play day 3

Once we had finished setting everything up, we ran back inside, laid out swimsuits for each of our kiddos, and told them to quickly change and then follow us. They were beyond THRILLED when they stepped outside and saw what we had planned for them. We turned the water on, and they immediately began playing.



While they were enjoying themselves, Patrick and I ran back in to make a quick little lunch to bring outside for a picnic.One of  our kids’ most FAVORITE things to do is to have a picnic. So they were EXTRA EXCITED when we brought the food outside to eat. They ate, and played ALL DAY LONG!

colton picnic

We sat for hours and talked and laughed with our little ones and only picked up our phones to either take pictures or video of them. They had our FULL ATTENTION all day, and they soaked in every second of it. Actually, Patrick and I did too! It was honestly a relief to sit back, relax, and reconnect. It was something that we don’t always realize just how badly we need, until we finally have a chance to do so.

savannah bubbles

As we enjoyed our day together, Patrick and I realized something… Even though we work from home and homeschool our children, we aren’t always completely 100% present. We get caught up in our work, doing chores, paying bills, running errands, etc… and we don’t take nearly enough time to just sit back and relax with our kids… to give them our full attention and truly listen to them like we should. There are times where they come to tell us a story about something, or they ask us to watch something new they can do, and sometimes we are just so busy with other areas of our life, that we don’t always have time to stop and listen to what our own kids are trying to tell us.

Instead of making one-on-one time with our babies a priority, we have allowed the stresses of life to take over. And as a result, we have lost sight of the things that we hold most dear… our own kids! LIES have replaced TRUTH, and CONFUSION has replaced CLARITY.  We buy into untruths such as:  more is better, or busyness is a way of life. We slowly slip away from the simplicity of life that God truly wants for us all.

My friends, it is so easy to get caught up in the ins and outs of day-to-day life. Things that should not be a priority slowly sneak in and take precedence over things that they have no business replacing. Things such us MONEY, our CAREERS, CELL PHONES, FACEBOOK, TELEVISION, MATERIALISTIC WANTS and DESIRES, VANITY, etc…  should NEVER replace God or our family. And when they do, our priorities become shifted which takes clarity out of our decision making process and confusion becomes a strong hold in our lives. Everything from that point is left open to DESTRUCTION.

At the end of the day, when life gets tough we have to do our very best to stay focused and keep our priorities on the things that matter the most. If we do so, everything else will fall into place. In this case, all it took was $15.00 worth of outdoor toys, a picnic, and a Saturday evening to completely reset our outlook on life. By the end of the day, our love tanks were on FULL and we made memories to last a lifetime!  Our kiddos are only little for a short time, and we don’t want to miss a second of  this time we have with them.


We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we have already planned another family fun day for next weekend! Crawfish boil, HERE WE COME! The kids couldn’t help themselves when we were cleaning out the pot. They all had to take a turn hopping in….

crawfish pot collage

Today, we hope this inspires all of you to SLOW DOWN, hit the RESET button on your priorities, and ENJOY life with your loves ones too! BE BLESSED, sweet friends! 

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