Happy National Doggie Day!

Happy National Doggie Day!

Hi Friends, and Happy National Doggie Day! This is the day to CELEBRATE with your little fur babies! Today, we are celebrating with our sweet little beagle, Gingerbread Dandelion! (Yes, our oldest daughter named her… Couldn’t you tell?) HAHA! Oh well, it really suits her well.

For those of you who are just joining us, we have added some family pictures of our puppy over the years. She has been such a WONDERFUL addition to our family. We got her from my mom, who was breading beagles for a short period of time. We initially were NOT planning on having another dog, since our boxer of 12 years, Cena, was battling cancer at the time. UNFORTUNATELY, there was nothing more that could be done for him, and we were basically just making him comfortable for his last few months before his passing.

Well, 2 months before he passed, we decided to get this furry little girl. She was the runt of the litter, and quite possibly the most ADORABLE puppy that any of us had ever seen. Our kiddos fell in LOVE with her when they went to visit their Nonna (my mom). While they were there, our oldest daughter named her…. and you know how that goes! Once you name them, they are kind of yours. 😉

When the kids initially brought her for me to see, I took one look at her CUTE face, and told Patrick that I was considering getting her. He SURPRISINGLY agreed with me! So, while the kids were in school the following day, we ran by and picked her up. They were, of course,  BEYOND EXCITED when they got in the car as saw their new puppy waiting for them.

GINGERBREAD has bonded so well with our family, and was a GREAT COMFORT to us all when our beloved boxer passed. She has been extremely GENTLE, even when the kids rough house with her. She has also become PARTNERS IN CRIME with our 3 year old daughter. Since they have basically grown up together, they have become extremely close. Last year, while our 3 older children were in school, it was just Gingerbread and our youngest daughter at home during the day, and they did EVERYTHING together! They have become inseparable, and it is literally the SWEETEST thing! When we are looking for one of them, we always find the other.

P.S. Yes, she is SPOILED ROTTEN, but we would not have it any other way! She deserves it because she is such a GOOD GIRL. <3

P.S.S. She secretly thinks she is people. HAHA! 😉

So, now y’all now all about our SWEET FUR BABY. We would love to see some pictures of your fur baby (babies)! Be sure to post some pictures below in our comments section! 🙂

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