Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Girl!

Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Girl!

Today, we are coming to the end of our MARATHON OF BIRTHDAYS! Yes, we have CELEBRATED 3 in the past few weeks. WHEW! We will not have another until April of next year. So, today as we come to an end, we are wishing out oldest daughter the HAPPIEST 8th birthday!

Let me tell y’all a little about this SPECIAL girl that God BLESSED us with. She is truly just as BEAUTIFUL on the inside as she is on the outside. She always has such a concern for the well being of others. Her heart is so big that she will be brought to the point of tears when she sees or hears of others who are hurting or sick.

She also a GIVER, and ALWAYS voluntarily puts other first. She will give the last of whatever it may be that she has to others, even if it means that she will be left out. This my friends is a quality that is HARD TO FIND.

She walks in WISDOM, GRACE, MERCY, and GENTLENESS  daily. She is GENUINELY the KINDEST child that we have ever met. (And I am not just saying this because she is mine) I am BLOWN AWAY every single day by her generosity and SWEET spirit that she has towards others.

She is also our 2nd LITTLE MAMMA. She helps to take care of everyone in our home, and works hard to keep others in line. Most of the time, before I can even give instructions for something, she has already BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH! She honestly picks up where I have left off, and I can ALWAYS count on her to complete anything and everything that is asked of her. She is my RESPONSIBLE, SAFETY CONSCIENCE side kick! I believe with all of my heart that she is going to make a GREAT MAMMA one day, because she is already doing such a fabulous job of it. (NOT ANY TIME SOON THOUGH, HAHA)

Happy birthday again to our SWEET Girl! We thank God daily for blessing us with you. We LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! <3


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