Gray & White Dining Table And Bench Set

Gray & White Dining Table And Bench Set

Hi Friends and Happy Friday! Do y’all remember the 9 foot farmhouse dining table and bench set that we posted a little SNEAKY PEEK of a few weeks back….

sneaky peek rachel table

You can view post HERE.

Well, we have it completed and are ready to unveil our FINISHED PRODUCT! 

For us, this project was EXTRA SPECIAL because it was being built and finished for my aunt and uncle. They have been doing lots of renovations in their home and were in need of a new dining set to go along with all of the beautiful work that they have been completing. And we were, of course, very honored to help!

Since they have such a large family… 8 to be exact, and their very first grandbaby on the way, this table had to be BIG enough to seat everyone at their family dinners. So, we had a task on our hands of making the LARGEST table and bench set that we have ever built. And we were more than happy to take on the challenge.

After some deliberations on what would be the best size to go with that would comfortably hold their ever-growing family, as well as their space, they decided to go with this GORGEOUS 9 footer with 2 matching benches…

mac table collage 2

Since they are going with a gray color theme in their home, they chose this beautiful Weathered Gray stain for their tops. And as for the bases, they went with a crisp Fundamental White. And to throw in a little more FARMHOUSE FLARE, we lightly distressed and added some of our Weatherd Gray stain to the exposed wooden areas. and added lots of shading to help blend our stain and paint colors.  Now the colors on the tops and bases are all tied in and have a more uniform look and feel.

mac table collage 3

And one of the great features about this table is that even though it may be large, the benches can both be easily tucked underneath to allow for EXTRA SPACE in their dining room when not in use (Who doesn’t love a piece that is both beautiful and functional?)…

mac table collage 4

Thanks again to the McAllister family for giving us the opportunity to build this fabulous new dining set for your home! We hope y’all enjoy many memorable family meals around it!

We have added some pictures below of their new dining set in their LOVELY home…

mac table home collage 2

mac table home collage 3

mac table home collage 1

And if y’all are wondering why the benches look a little different, it is because we decided to add 2 more legs for support to the center of each because of their length. This will help protect against any BOWING, BENDING, or BREAKING in the future. And if you ask us, we love the look of the extra legs on bench. They add a little more dimension, and we are excited to do this on more of our benches in the future!

mac bench collage

Oh, and here is the pretty little (Ehhhmmmm… BIG) centerpiece box that we made for their table. I went with a new denim technique  that I came up with after a little experimentation with several colors. It has the look of a faded pair of your  favorite blue jeans, and offers a feeling of home, comfort, and a down-home country feel that I just LOVE! It would be PERFECT with the addition of some mason jars filled with yellow sunflowers! And maybe even some pretty handles or knobs on each end. Since it was a surprise, we figured we would let them decided on how they wanted it customized. 🙂

mac box collage 1




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