Good Report Today!

Good Report Today!

Well Friends, this was THE DAY that we have been looking forward to for the past 5 weeks. Today was Patrick’s first check-up visit with his heart specialist since undergoing his last heart procedure. We went into today with high hopes that we would receive some good news, and would be able to finally begin to put all of the pieces of our life back together since everything seemed to fall apart last year when he was first diagnosed with AFIB and Congestive Heart Failure.

This day seemed almost SURREAL. All of the trials that we have gone through until this point were coming to a head. And as excited as we were going into it, we were also a teeny bit apprehensive. Would we receive good news that would help to uplift our spirits and fill us with hope? Or would we receive bad news and would once again have to restart this whole process over again? We were filled to the brim with nervous excitement, and were anxious to find out whether or not the reading from the heart monitor over the past month would be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. So we said a prayer and took a deep breath as we made our way into the doctor’s office while hoping for the best.

As my nerves began to get the best of me, God gently reminded me to just have faith in Him. That may sound short, simple, and sweet… but those few words completely changed the course of my day. God was lovingly letting me know that He had everything under control, and He would take care of us just as he had done every single time until now. He reminded me of all of the hard work that we had completed until this point. Patrick has faithfully followed all of the doctors’ orders, he has undergone every single procedure that the doctor’s advised him to do, taken all of his medications correctly and on time, and even took it easy and rested and recouped when he needed to (even though this one was SUPER difficult for him). And now that he has been feeling better, he has been working out and eating healthy again to regain his strength and get his body as healthy as possible from the inside out. And more than all of those things, we have kept total faith in God and have fully believed that Patrick would regain his health and would be 100% healed.

As I sat in the waiting room with knots in my stomach, all of God’s gentle words, peace, and reassurance began to wash over me and I immediately had this overwhelming sense that EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE FINE. It was a feeling I couldn’t shake… even if I wanted to! It was as if I didn’t even need to hear the doctor’s report. I already knew that God had it all under control, and that everything was going to be okay.

And wouldn’t you know, we got a WONDERFUL REPORT! It was written all over Patrick’s face as he stepped back into the waiting room as soon as his appointment was over. God is always so FAITHFUL! The doctor was very impressed with Patrick’s recovery and progress. And his heart is still in the correct rhythm (the longest period of time since last year), he has lost weight, and is feeling better than he has in ages!

From this point, the doctor will be sending Patrick for another Echo Cardiogram to check his pump function in 6 weeks. As long as everything still looks good, he will then begin REMOVING several medications from his list, and will decrease the dosage of a few others. YAY! This was the news our hearts were hoping for today! We finally feel like we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and let me just tell y’all… we are more GRATEFUL and more APPRECIATIVE than we have EVER been in our whole lives!

We are thankful that God has blessed us with an enormous amount of strength throughout this past year. It’s funny how He takes the times in our lives when we feel the weakest, and through the course of the trial, He gives us STRENGTH that we never thought we could possibly have. He truly gives us faith that can move mountains, if only we allow Him to move that mightily in our lives. At the end of the day, we would never trust our lives in the hands of anyone else than the Almighty! He truly loves us and wants nothing but good for our lives. <3

Before I let y’all go, I wanted to share a quick little funny moment from today. The doctor’s office has a large fish tank in their waiting room, and the kids were immediate obsessed with it! They LOVE fish! Every time we go to places with fish like Walmart, they beg us to take a trip past the tanks in the back. And yes, we have tried our hand at having our own fish, but it always seems to turn out to be more sorrow than joy since we cannot keep them alive no matter how hard we try. So, we must enjoy other people’s fish for the time being!

Any whooo…. The really cool thing about the fish tank today was that the majority of the fish were the same types as the fish in Finding Nemo. You know, the ones in the dentist office? The kids thought it was fascinating and kept talking among themselves as to whether or not they were secretly planning their escape from the tank once the humans left for the night.  There was even a little fish by the tube at the top (Sorry to all of our fish enthusiasts for my terrible tank description.) that looked like he was secretly inspecting it so he could attempt his release from captivity as soon as they closed up for the night. It was HILARIOUS, and the kids and I couldn’t stop laughing. They kept quietly chanting, “Shark bait, shark bait, OOOO AH AH!” 🙂

fish tank


  1. Awesome news. God is.the same yesterday, today and tomorrow too. I have seen Dr Khan. He is in that same office bc my kiddos loved the fish tank too

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