From Flood Waters to Farmhouse Fab…

From Flood Waters to Farmhouse Fab…

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday! Today we have a very special up-cycle to share with all of you! We recently had the pleasure of working with the Jenkin’s family who brought us a Headboard and Armoire that had lots of water damage after being SUBMERGED in several feet of FLOOD WATER. Typically, most people would throw these types of items out and simply purchase new ones, but this set belonged to their grandmother and she was absolutely heartbroken over the loss of her beloved bedroom set. So, they brought us the pieces without her knowing, and asked that we try to salvage as much as we could and turn them into a BRAND NEW PIECE!

We were absolutely HONORED and EAGER to take on the task. Since these pieces were so sentimental, the family asked the we keep everything as original as possible. So this meant that we needed to closely evaluate both pieces and deciding on which portions could and could not be salvaged. Next, we began the fun process of figuring out exactly what creation we could turn all of our scrap parts into. After much deliberation, everyone finally agreed that a HALL TREE would be the BEST design.

Many sections were SWOLLEN, SEPARATING, and FLAKING. But once we took everything apart and cleaned and prepared the pieces that were salvageable. Then we got to work!

We used only one half of the headboard (which means the other half could also be up-cycled later on), and we salvaged as much from the cabinet as possible. As you can see below, the cabinet suffered the most DAMAGE, which meant that we had to take our time and be as CAUTIOUS and GENTLE as possible with removing each portion PIECE by PIECE.

jenkins collage 2

And for the headboard, we removed the the center post, and one panel. We then reattached the outside post where the center post was to create matching posts on both sides. We also RE-GLUED and REINFORCED the bottoms of the post that were submerged under the flood waters. Each post is made of 3 separate planks that were originally glued together, but because of the water damage, they were all separating.

jenkins collage 3

Once we had our new cabinet built, it was pretty tall due to the fact that we had to build to fit the height of the doors from the armoire. So, we simply added some height onto the bottom of each post of our headboard in order to raise it up a bit. This way, you can see every bit of that FABULOUS FARMHOUSE “X” backing on the panel!

And as for the finish, the family chose a classic Antique White with a gorgeous custom mixed stained top. The top has a lovely mixture of deep browns with a slight hint of red. The variation in the top from the rest of the piece helps to break up its large size and adds some CHARACTER and CONTRAST. And to keep with the rustic feel, we added some distressing. Not too much, but just enough to make it worthy of it’s already beautiful country look and charm!

Here is our finished Hall Tree:

jenkins collage 4

jenkins collage 5

Hooks can also be added on the backing to hang pursed, sweaters, hats, scarves, keys, etc… And we added a shelf inside for extra storage for shoes, blankets, or really whatever they would like to use the added space for. The table top would be the perfect place for a lamp and nice basket or bin to hold keys, cell phones, and loose change. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE stop for organization when leaving out, or just coming home! Everything you need can be NEATLY STORED in 1 place!

Thanks again to the Jenkin’s family for entrusting us with such a special up-cycle! It is always such a pleasure working with your family, and we hope this helps to put a smile on Memaw’s face! <3



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