Five Things You Should Know About This Picture… Pippi Longstockings Fan Club

Five Things You Should Know About This Picture… Pippi Longstockings Fan Club

1. We shared with y’all yesterday that our oldest daughter had to choose from a list of books for  her Literature class. And to my SURPRISE… Pippi Longstockings was on the list! Pippi Longstockings was one of my TOP FAVORITE MOVIES when I was a kid. I have watched it about a MILLION times, and it NEVER GETS OLD. So, I was THRILLED when she chose to read it for her class.

2. We also decided to watch the movie for our family movie night last night. NONE of our kids had ever seen it before. And Patrick had not either! SHOCKING… I know!

3. I am PLEASED to report that our ENTIRE family LOVED it! That made 7 year old me OVER THE MOON HAPPY! (Seriously, if you would have told me back then that I would be watching this movie with my babies one day… I wouldn’t have believed you!) Our kids loved it so much, in fact, that they are watching it again tonight! Well, I don’t mind if we do! 😉

4.When the theme song came on, our girls immediately started DANCING. Oh, to be young again! They are really enjoying themselves! HAHA!


girls pippi


5. One life lesson that I absolutely LOVE about Pippi Longstockings is that it teaches you to loosen up, and just ENJOY LIFE! Sometimes we need to ignore the messes and focus on the important things in our day to day life. Kids, and parents alike, need to be reminded of this sometimes.I also love the reoccurring theme that  “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” What a FAITH BUILDER!  (I also FULLY AGREE with eating pancakes at midnight. 😉 j/s)

P.S. Our oldest daughter has requested that we call her Pippi. Ummm… OKAY! If that makes you happy. <3

P.S.S. We weren’t leaving anyone out. Our oldest son is watching from the counter where he was eating a snack. 😉
P.S.S. Is it just me, or did this movie have the BEST theme music… or what!?!? Every song is AMAZING!

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