Five Things You Should Know About This Picture… Meet Our Elves!

Five Things You Should Know About This Picture… Meet Our Elves!

Five Things You Should Know About This Picture… Meet Our Elves!

1. It has started! The stress of every parent during Christmas…. ELF ON THE SHELF SEASON! There is always that GUT WRENCHING FEAR that we will slip up one night and forget to.. well, YOU KNOW! I don’t want to SPILL THE BEANS in case someone’s child happens to come across this post and, in turn, becomes an UNBELIEVER of all things Christmas! 😉

2. So, here they are… meet our elves, Jolly-Jingles and Holly-Bells. Their names can be switched around to become 2 of our most favorite Christmas songs… “Holly Jolly” and “Jingle Bells.” Santa first sent Jolly to us several years ago as our family’s elf. But since our girls were a little uncomfortable changing in front of a boy elf in their bedroom, as well as using the bathroom in front of him if he happened to be in there, Santa decided to send us a girl elf last year. PROBLEM SOLVED! 

3. Our elves always come to visit us once we have our Christmas tree up. Since we put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, they graced us with their presence first thing yesterday morning. And boy were these kids BUSTING AT THE SEAMS WITH EXCITEMENT! Seriously, you would have thought that it was Christmas morning.

4. And when they awoke yesterday morning, they were BEAMING because they found that their elves, Holly and Jolly, brought them some NEW PJ’S. They also left a note for the kids letting them know that they had been nominated as HONORARY ELVES this year! What a TREAT! 😉

5. Our kids also came up with the conclusion that Mrs. Clause personally HANDMADE these pj’s just for them, and they are EXTRA SPECIAL because these cannot be bought in stores… So, we will now have to avoid Target at ALL COST through the end of December! (Lord, help us!)

elf on the shelf 2

P.S.: Gingerbread is NOT very happy in this picture… as if you couldn’t tell. HAHA! The kids dressed her in her Mrs. Clause dress from last year. It was a bit SNUG on her and poor thing couldn’t wait to take it off. She is a trooper, though. Oh, the things pets do to make the kids they love happy. 

And if your family does not currently don’t have an Elf on the Shelf, but would love for Santa to send you one STRAIGHT FROM THE NORTH POLE, you can request yours HERE!


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