Five Things You Should Know About This Picture Collage

Five Things You Should Know About This Picture Collage

Five things you should know about this picture collage:

1.) Introductions first.. This is our youngest daughter, Savannah, who is 3! And our little beagle puppy, Gingerbread Dandelion (Our oldest daughter named her, Haha!). We got Ginger when Savannah was a baby, so they have grown up together. At this point you could say that we now have 2 toddlers in our home.

2.) These girls are 2 peas in a pod! (Their bond has grown even closer since they are our only 2 at home during the school year while our oldest 3 kiddos are at school) They like to work together as a team and make messes, like the one pictured here….ALL of the time! (I think that they can secretly read each others minds)

3.) Incidentally, they are so stinking cute, I cannot bring myself to punish them. 😉 So, instead of punishing them, I take pictures of all of their catastrophes! They are only going to be little once, and as long as they are not in any danger, I figure why not let them use their imaginations and have a little fun!

4.) The mess that they made here was from some old batting that we used a while back on a project. It has just been sitting on a shelf in our office ever since. So, while I sat working at the computer in my office, these 2 were secretly making Savannah this concoction behind me on the floor.

5.) What is it, you ask? A hat, skirt, and shoes… of course! How could I squash such wonderful creativity? That is some serious up-cycling if you ask me!

Savannah and ginger

What messes have your kiddos gotten in to? We would love to hear all about it…and don’t forget to attach some pictures!


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