Five Things That I am Loving This Week

Five Things That I am Loving This Week

1. I am sure y’all remember me posting a few pictures from our Ladies Jammie Party last Friday…

jammie party

But what I didn’t tell y’all about was the awesome DOOR PRIZE that I won! To be honest, I am not exactly sure how I won cutest pj’s because precisely an hour and a half before, I was a COMPLETE DISASTER. I had been working all day on Friday and kind of lost track of time. When I noticed how late it was, I nervously peeked over at the clock and went into hyper-drive mode because I only had 35 minutes to shower, scrub the stain and paint from my hair and all visible portions of my body, thew my hair into some braids, and slapped some make-up on my face. And to top it off, I couldn’t find the pj’s that I was planning on wearing anywhere! But Patrick saved the day! (He really is the BEST EVER) While I was getting ready, he pulled together some Hello Kitty Pj’s… (let’s be honest, you can NEVER go wrong with Hello Kitty) and I slipped them on as I headed out the door. Also, a big thank you to the judge of the door prize for the night for having mercy on my soul, because I surely love my prize!

lover never fails 2

Isn’t this the CUTEST? For anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE birds, turquoise, this bible verse, and anything rustic/farmhouse. It is so PERFECT! Thank you again Mrs. Ellen! You did a fantastic job. <3

2. Now, fast forward to Wednesday night… This is where things got REALLY CRAZY! For starters, I had gone grocery shopping right before we had to leave. Well, we thought we had removed all of the bags from our car when I returned home, but apparently a whole block of cheese had fallen out onto the floorboard during the process. And NO ONE NOTICED! Thankfully, we were leaving for church about 20 minutes later, and our oldest son happened to see it while we were on our way. So, I had no other choice but to SMUGGLE the entire 1 lb block of cheese into my purse… then I had to go into total STEALTH MODE while making my way to the kitchen while trying my best NOT to attract attention to myself. Haha! Can you imagine how insane I would have looked if someone would have actually seen what I was really doing? I would have been known as the Crazy Cheese Smuggler Lady of  2016! YIKES!!! Anywhoo… I was able to discreetly bring it in and out of the building without being noticed. (As wild as things have been around here lately, I think God knew I needed a little grace that night.)cheddar cheese3. So, now that the cheese was safely hidden in the furthest depths of the church fridge, I headed back out to help our kiddos fix their plates because they were serving dinner before service. Toward the end of our meal, the kids got up to go each grab a cupcake. And to my surprise, sweet Mrs. Belinda had made them! She is the baker who made the mouth watering baby shower cake last month! And since she knew how much I LOVED it, she kindly made me an extra special, LARGE Wedding Cake cupcake! I was in HEAVEN!!! (So, shout-out to Mrs. Belinda for being so kind enough to thinking of me.)


And while I was enjoying  my cupcake, our youngest son bit down into his, and LOST HIS TOOTH! (No, they were no hard at all.. it was just that his poor tooth was barely hanging by a string and it was high-time for it to come out) But then we were faced with the task of trying to find a safe place for it. Patrick remembered that we brought his pill case with us, so we had to store it in there until we made it back home. All the while, I was reminding him to pay close attention that he didn’t mistake it for one of his medications that night when we got back home because it totally blended in. Can you imagine the horror if he accidentally SWALLOWED that tooth? We would have had one sad little boy on our hands if he wouldn’t have been able to put it underneath his pillow for the Tooth Fairy that night. And I am sure Patrick wouldn’t have felt so great either. Never a dull moment.. SERIOUSLY!

patrick pill case

4. Then just 2 days after losing his tooth, our handsome little man celebrated his 7th birthday! He is our youngest son, and I just cannot even believe how quickly he is growing up. He is beyond the sweetest little thing you will ever meet. He is always cracking us up with his quirky humor and contagious laugh, and melting our hearts with his always constant HUGS and KISSES. We love to infinity and beyond baby, and are so happy that God gave you to us!

colton 7th birthday 1

colton 7th birthday 3

I love that toothless grin!

We ended up celebrating his birthday on Saturday, and had a fun Spider-Man party! After he opened his presents, our youngest daughter asked Patrick if he would work on a puzzle with her. She was totally over it about 5 minutes later, but he worked HARD on that bad boy until he had it finished. I guess it’s like one of those things where you just feel like you have to finish it once you have started. It was the CUTEST…

puzzle collage

5. Last but not least, we have been working for the past week on REORGANIZING our school room. I went through the kids dress-up chest and purged what no longer fit, and then transferred it all into an armoire that we recently refinished. This works perfectly in our space because unlike the chest that took up space horizontally, the armoire created vertical storage. We then moved the chest into our closet for extra storage for blankets and bedding, and the kids have a much more accessible dress-up option in their schoolroom.

dress up armoire 1

Then I took on the DREADED task on unpacking all of their curriculum for this coming school year. And trust me when I say…there was A LOT to go through.

school room curriculum 1

Luckily, we all worked together, so it went much more QUICKLY than I remember from last year. Plus, we were more well aware of the things that we would need on a daily basis throughout the school year. And the things that I knew we wouldn’t be using a lot, or at least not even this semester, I separated into boxes and wrote the name of the subject, and which child it belonged to. Which is so much easier than last year when we unpacked every last BOOK, PROTRACTOR, and BEAKER. Then we had to keep up with it all throughout the entire school year until it was needed. (Not a fun task with 6 people in 1 house!) But I am happy to say that we got it all completed, and we are finally prepared for our first day of school next Wednesday! Wish us luck. And best of luck to all of you who have little ones starting school soon too! 😉

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