Five Things I am Thankful For Today

Five Things I am Thankful For Today

1. I AM THANKFUL that this day went much better than I initially expected. I have been fighting a cold since last week, which turned into laryngitis over the weekend. Since we homeschool our little ones, I was not sure what to expect going into this school week. (Being a teacher who can’t talk was a scary thought) As you can all imagine, I was a little nervous to say the least. But I am HAPPY to report that we got through it! Our kiddos were very COOPERATIVE, they LISTENED WELL,  and were extremely HELPFUL. And we even got finished earlier than normal! (I have NO IDEA how that happened.) 😉

2. I AM THANKFUL for this cup of hot apple cider. It feels wonderful on my throat, and was exactly what I needed after a long, but productive day. When we make apple cider, we always add Red Hots. It was something I remember my Maw Maw doing when I was a little girl, and now we do it with our own kiddos. It adds a YUMMY CINNAMON KICK! We don’t like drinking it any other way.

3. I AM THANKFUL for this little lady sitting next to me. She is so KINDHEARTED, THOUGHTFUL, and GENTLE. She is our oldest daughter, and I truly ADORE her to pieces. She has been so helpful over the past few days, filling in for me when needed…. even without having to be asked. She is always so great at stepping in when she sees a need, and helping in any way that she can. And she does it all from the heart, without complaining. Honestly, nothing makes this Mamma’s heart more happy than that. <3

4. I AM THANKFUL that she was thoughtful enough to read me a book tonight. She said that I had been reading to them all day, so she wanted me to sit down and enjoy a story. It was the BEST! I love hearing my little ones read. ESPECIALLY, when they pick Bible stories.

5. I AM THANKFUL that she chose  “Jesus Calling Bible Story Book” by Sarah Young. I LOVE all of her books. If you haven’t read anything by Sarah Young yet, I would definitely suggest giving her books a try. You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. 

Sleep tight friends! We pray each of you have a BLESSED night!


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