Farmhouse Style Bench and Shelf

Farmhouse Style Bench and Shelf

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday! We have a fabulous new order that we recently finished for the King family that we are EXCITED to share with all of you! With the impending arrival of a new grandbaby, Mrs. King is preparing to host a beautiful baby shower at her home. While getting all of her preparations in order, she decided that she wanted some additional seating in a LOVELY LITTLE NOOK in her hallway which opens to her kitchen and areas where she will be entertaining guests. So, she and her daughter, Hilarie, contacted us with an inspiration picture along with their ideas for the space.

Here was the inspiration picture that we had to go off of…

maggie sample

Mrs. King LOVED everything about the bench and shelf in the inspiration picture. The only thing that we needed to change were the measurements to ensure her bench and shelf PROPERLY fit the space in her home. She also wanted her bench back to be a bit taller since she had a large blank wall space to fill. We also had to work around the outlets to ensure that we did not cover or hinder access to them in any way.

This is the space we were working with…

maggie hallway

We always love to take on new pieces that we have never built before. It keeps things FUN and FRESH for us! So, for the bench, there were lots of LOVELY CURVES, and there was simply no other way to achieve this look other than cutting, routing, and sanding all of the pieces by hand. We got to work by first drawing out our templates for the sides and center leg. Then we got to work!

maggie bench work 1

maggie bench work

And while Patrick was putting all of the pieces together, I ran out to find the PERFECT shade of gray…

After studying the King’s space, along with the color theme and style throughout their home, we agreed the color sample above would be the perfect choice! It is called Rare Gray, and it is just lovely! Not too dark, and not too light. And it is such a great neutral that just about any color theme would go BEAUTIFULLY with it. This means that Mrs. King can switch out throw pillows, blankets, and decor till her heart’s content… and NONE OF IT WOULD CLASH! 

And once we finished fully painting everything, we went with a nice light distressing on all of the edging, with some Dark Walnut peeking through. This gives it an AGED feel, as well as helps to tie in some of the darker wood tones throughout her home, but without being too MATCHY-MATCHY!

maggie bench collage 1

And for the shelf, it has a simple design, but is layered with lots of gorgeous moulding! It brings the perfect mixture of ELEGANCE and FARMHOUSE CHARM to this space. (And we are IN LOVE!!!) And to top it off, it is totally functional as well, and can be used to hang coats, purses, scarves, etc…

maggie bench collage 2

And here are some pictures of our finished pieces together and ready to get some great use in their new home…

maggie bench collage 3

maggie bench collage 4

maggie bench collage 5

I absolutely love about this bench is that our client wanted a higher bench seat, which meant lots of organization possibilities underneath! Baskets, trays, boxes…. SO MANY incredible storage options!

Both the bench and shelf are equally FABULOUS and FUNCTIONAL, and it doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!

Thanks again to the King family, for giving us the opportunity to create these pieces for your amazing home. And a special shout out to their daughter, Hilarie, for all of the help in the process. It was such a pleasure working together with all of you, and we cannot wait to see some pictures once you get everything set up.

***UPDATE*** We just received these gorgeous pictures in from the King family…

maggie pic sent in collage 1

All of the extra wall space from the high ceilings has now been beautifully filled, and this area now is now overflowing with RUSTIC CHARM…

maggie pic sent in collage 4

You can only see a little snippet of the chandelier hanging in this space, but let me just tell y’all… It is GORGEOUS! Here is a better picture of it…

maggie chandelier

SWOON!!! <3 <3 <3

And here is a little SIDE-BY-SIDE comparison of the inspiration picture along with the picture of our completed work all set up and looking beautiful in the King residence…

maggie pic sent in collage 3

“Perfection” -Hilarie Lognion

“We threw together some items collected from around the house, but plan on getting other pieces to make it even more gorgeous! But we were too excited to wait a minute longer. We are putting shiplap on that wall and getting baskets for underneath now too.” –Maggie King

And here are the kind words and reviews from both of these sweet ladies:

“Top quality furniture and an absolute pleasure to work with!”-Hilarie Lognion

“I absolutely cannot say enough about these wonderful people.

Their ability to create exactly what we wanted from a picture alone, their professionalism and keeping us informed every step of the way, their awesome feedback & suggestions, their efficiency and quickness in getting the job done, the beautiful craftsmanship, and their kind, fun, friendly personalities all made my first experience of having something custom-made an absolute pleasure.
I want more!!! 🙂

Thank you both so very much. I looooove and can’t wait for my hubby to see!” -Maggie King




  1. Hilarie Lognion :

    You and your husband were a please to work with. Both pieces are of top quality and came out absolutely perfect. We will definitely use you guys again <3

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